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Elon Musk spoke to competitors about electric mobility at a Volkswagen meeting

Elon Musk spoke to competitors about electric mobility at a Volkswagen meeting

Over the weekend, the head of US electric car maker Tesla Elon Musk addressed a video clip of two hundred leaders of German rival Volkswagen via a video call at their meeting in the Austrian mountain resort of Alpbach. He spoke, for example, of Volkswagen’s efforts to switch to electric cars, its management style or current problems in supply and production chains, Bloomberg wrote.

According to a Volkswagen Group spokesperson, Mosca was invited by the group’s president, Herbert Dies. “Elon Musk joined us as a surprise guest on a video call tonight. I’m glad to hear that even our strongest competitor believes we’ll make the transformation if we work hard on it,” Dess said on LinkedIn.

Volkswagen’s goal is to replace rival Tesla as the world’s largest electric car maker. The German group wants to increase the share of all-electric cars in total car sales to at least 70 percent in Europe and at least 50 percent in North America and China by 2030. The automaker Škoda Auto is also part of the interest.

Who is Elon Musk?

Tesla is now awaiting final approval for its new factory, which it is building near Berlin. The automaker initially wants to produce 150,000 electric cars a year at its first European plant.

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