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Emirates and the world |  Gulf Editorial

Emirates and the world | Gulf Editorial

The United Arab Emirates may be one of the most connected countries in the world, with diplomacy as well as with trade relations, as well as an unprecedented air network for its airports and sea connections to its ports.

The Emirates, which has solid relations with the world, west and east, north and south, is living its brightest days today in a continuous and interconnected development process for nearly 51 years, during which development tools were developed, so it caught the hand of innovation and development, and moved up the ladder of comprehensive development, to move smoothly from one stage to another. space, and future technology.

While the world witnessed what it witnessed over the past five decades, geopolitical fluctuations, change of balances, conflicts and wars that will not end, the UAE was engaged in construction, development and modernization, and even urged the countries of the region and the world to build and develop, in order to advance societies.

Early this week, data from the Ministry of Finance revealed that government spending in the UAE rose 19.6% to 87.4 billion dirhams in the first quarter of this year, after a strong growth in revenue by 39% to 123.8 billion dirhams. This means that government spending increased by 14.34 billion dirhams in the first three months compared to the same period last year.

The message of the UAE is that the development path does not stop, and that the rise in financial revenues is immediately reflected in a rise in spending to supply the economy channels with the necessary liquidity for development and stimulation. The journey is still long and dreams are many.

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The world, which today is experiencing wars, political crises, economic and climate challenges, has a bright model and image for those who want to benefit from it. The image of the building that has become with the word Emirates Sunween.. A model that adopts innovation after knowledge, and the future after technology.. It bets on human cadres for progress, and the example of this is the Mars journey that started from where the other ended, and the highest and supreme goal is to serve all of humanity.

The UAE model does not stop at coexistence and brotherhood, which brings together more than 200 nationalities in peace and love, and does not stop at extending a helping hand to brotherly and friendly peoples.. The UAE flag is synonymous with good in every Arab country from water to water, and is present everywhere affected by a flood. Or an earthquake from the Philippines to Haiti… A science for humanity.

The UAE model, which prioritizes partnership over conflict, and the “Integrative Industrial Partnership for Sustainable Economic Development” initiative led by the UAE with Egypt, Jordan and finally Bahrain is only an example of the UAE’s keenness to establish deeper and solid relations with its surroundings… a relationship based on partnership, mutual benefit and joint investment for the future sustainable for future generations.

This is the scene of the UAE in the midst of a world afflicted by controversies, conspiracies, wars and crises..a hopeful scene, to illuminate the lonely tunnel of darkness, with the will of construction and partnership, because the experience before everyone is the best evidence that achieving great goals is only by focusing on work and not being satisfied with raising bright slogans. …and by conscious leadership with visions and ambitions, in harmony with the aspirations of peoples who yearn for a decent life, happiness and prosperity.

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