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Emirates – Economy – Britain abandons compulsory isolation for travelers from travel and tourism

The United Kingdom has announced that the yellow “amber” for Emirates travel will be added to the list, starting at four in the morning and corresponding to “Greenwich” time next Sunday, the eighth of August, Bloomberg reported.

This decision does not require a stay of 10 days from the date of arrival for isolation in a hotel approved by the British Government, as specified, from the Emirates to the United Kingdom. Moment.

The results also indicate that a traveler from the Emirates to the United Kingdom may stay home for up to 10 days from the date of his arrival if he or she has not been fully vaccinated against the “Covit-19” infection.

The decision includes adding the other three countries with the United Arab Emirates to the yellow list, India, Bahrain and Qatar.

The British Government’s Minister of Transport, Grant Shops, tweeted: “We have made some changes to our itinerary.

He added: The United Arab Emirates, Qatar, India and Bahrain are moving to the yellow list. All changes will take effect on Sunday, August 8 from 4:00 p.m.

In the relevant context, more than one British newspaper, the Emirates, especially Dubai, has volunteered to publish prominently in the headlines, giving Dubai prominence to British travelers, especially celebrities and those influenced by social media and YouTube.

And more than one British newspaper celebrated the return of the British holiday in Dubai. The headline of the newspaper “The Sun” – Scottish edition – read: “Welcome to Dubai. After the UAE joined the yellow list with India, the Dubai holiday has once again given a big boost to influencers and celebrities.”

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In turn, the headline in the “Express” newspaper reads: “The start of the Dubai holiday, the United Arab Emirates has been added to the yellow list – the abolition of the requirement for compulsory isolation from vaccinated recipients.”