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Emirates News Agency - Ancelotti... the man of records

Emirates News Agency – Ancelotti… the man of records

ABU DHABI, May 29 / WAM / Just two months ago, the future of Italian coach Carlo Ancelotti with the Spanish club Real Madrid was surrounded by uncertainty, but recent weeks were enough to transfer him from an unknown fate to a distinguished place in the history of European football.

Last March, Real Madrid suffered a 0-4 defeat against its traditional rival, Barcelona, ​​in the Spanish League, a defeat that cast a shadow on Ancelotti, who confirmed his full responsibility for this defeat.

The defeat was not the largest in the history of Real Madrid’s confrontations with Barcelona, ​​but the fact that the latter was in a transitional phase to rebuild the team under the leadership of coach Xavi Hernandez doubled the echoes of this setback, although Real Madrid’s position remained safe, leading the Spanish league at the time.

While some reports indicated that the management of the Royal Club is on the way to oust the Italian coach, whose contract extends until 2023, the Spanish newspaper, “Marca”, which is closely related to the club, confirmed that the “Royal” administration does not intend to dismiss Ancelotti, but the Italian coach needs to win an important title with the team to prove his feet. Until the end of his contract in reference to the Champions League title due to the futility of winning the local title only.

But Ancelotti responded practically to these reports and put down any attempt to overthrow him, after winning the local and European titles, achieving more than a great achievement on his way to the final streak this season.

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Ancelotti led Real Madrid to win the Spanish League title at the end of last April, before the last 4 rounds of the competition, becoming the first coach to win at least one title in the five major European leagues.

Ancelotti won the Italian League titles with Milan in 2004, the English Premier League with Chelsea in 2010, the Frenchman with Paris Saint-Germain in 2013, the Spanish with Real Madrid in 2022, and the German with Bayern Munich in 2017.

Ancelotti was not satisfied with this, but continued his brilliant start in the history of the European Champions League, and led Real Madrid to become the first team in the history of the tournament to reach the final after losing a match in each of the playoffs of the tournament against Chelsea, Paris Saint-Germain, and Manchester City, And all of the teams that were strong candidates to win the title.

By reaching the final, Ancelotti became the first coach to run in the Champions League final five times. Then the Italian coach crowned these achievements with another historic achievement by becoming the first coach to win the title four times, twice with Milan in 2003 and 2007, and likewise with Real Madrid in 2018 and 2022. .

Real Madrid beat Liverpool 1-0 in the final of the competition yesterday evening, Saturday evening, to win its 14th title, consolidating this record that the team holds in the number of title wins. Ancelotti described himself, laughing after winning yesterday’s match, as “the record man.”

Statistics indicate that Ancelotti is a coach who knows how to win titles and records after winning more than 20 titles with the teams he trained. It seems that he is able to increase this outcome in the coming months, as he has at least a full season left with Real.

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Ancelotti will lead the team in the European Super Cup match against Eintracht Frankfurt, the winner of the European League, and he will lead the team in the Spanish Super Cup competitions, other than representing Europe in the Club World Cup, in addition to the tournaments that Real Madrid will participate in next season, whether locally or European.