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Emirates News Agency – Chief of Cyber ​​Security for WAM: At the Government Summit, we will present the UAE model for protecting cyberspace

From Ahmed Al Nuaimi.

DUBAI, 29th March/WAM/ His Excellency Dr. Muhammad Al-Kuwaiti, Head of Cyber ​​Security for the UAE Government, affirmed that the World Government Summit constitutes an inspiring platform to explore the future of world governments and learn about best practices and experiences in various fields and sectors, in a way that contributes to creating a more prosperous future for all of humanity.

In statements to the Emirates News Agency, WAM, Al-Kuwaiti said that the participation of the Cyber ​​Security Council in the activities of the summit aims to shape the future of cyber security, identify challenges and develop innovative solutions to them through holding sessions and workshops with the participation of officials, experts and leaders of the sector from around the world.

He added that the UAE’s experience in the field of cybersecurity and its achievement of advanced positions in global competitiveness reports enjoys great international attention and appreciation, as we work with our international partners during the summit to transfer the UAE’s leading experience in this field to the countries of the world and benefit from the advanced Emirati model in protecting cyberspace professionally and efficiently. High speed of response in response to any emergency cyber attacks.

He pointed out that the UAE has a clear and flexible strategy that includes key mechanisms that contributed to strengthening its position to the fifth rank globally in the field of cybersecurity among the indicators of global competitiveness in light of keeping pace with the comprehensive digital transformation of digital security.

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His Excellency revealed the participation of 25 countries in cooperation with the Center for Governmental Accelerators as a national partner, along with the United Nations and the International Telecommunication Union concerned with the field of cybersecurity to benefit from the experience of the UAE and transfer it to them, and to see some of the experiences of the participating countries that have achieved advanced global centers.. He referred to the holding of workshops during The World Government Summit presents many experiences in addition to how to address cyber-attacks and other cyber threats that may affect national security in various sectors, especially the aviation, oil, gas and telecommunications sectors, and discuss how to fully enable these sectors for comprehensive digital transformation and secure this transformation, which comes as a top priority.

His Excellency said that the Cyber ​​Security Council, in cooperation with the Government Accelerators Center and the International Telecommunication Union, organized a workshop entitled “Accelerating the Transformation of Cyber ​​Security”, with the participation of representatives from 25 countries, during which the challenges facing countries’ competitiveness in the field of cybersecurity were discussed, including 5 main axes “legal, governance and technology.” cooperation and capacity building.

The workshop included several activities in accordance with the government accelerators methodology, including generating ideas and extracting innovative initiatives to confront challenges, setting a timeline for them and identifying the required possibilities.. While the participants visualized the future in terms of achievements and plans for the sustainability of results.

For her part, Dr. Radhia Al Hashemi, Director of the Government Accelerators Center, reviewed the center’s achievements and success stories of batches and teams of government accelerators over the past five years, during which 10 batches of government accelerators were completed with the participation of more than 2,000 government and private employees.

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Al-Hashemi stressed the importance of cooperation and transfer of expertise to countries of the world, as cooperation was made with several countries within the strategic partnership agreements concluded by the UAE with many countries of the world.

It is worth noting that the Cyber ​​Security Council, in cooperation with Expo 2020 Dubai and the International Telecommunication Union, carried out the “Cyber ​​193” virtual protective shield exercise, which is the first international cyber exercise of its kind in the world that brings the countries of the world under one umbrella.

The global cyber security exercise came with the aim of reaching a “united cyber” world capable of facing emergency crises and developing innovative solutions that would fortify the cyberspace of the world’s countries against any potential cyber attacks.

WAM/ Ahmed Al Nuaimi/ Assem Al Khouli