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Emirates News Agency – “Family Development” organizes the second forum to enhance the quality of family life

Al Ain, September 26 / WAM / The Family Development Foundation organized the second forum to enhance the quality of family life under the title “Our Society Brings Us Together” at the Jebel Hafeet Community Center to enhance the skills of exchanging emotional attention, community intelligence, and gain flexibility and innovation in the methods of dealing between family members.

The forum aims to provide practical, interactive methods between family members and society, combining fun and acquiring skills, enabling individuals to evaluate their abilities, daily interaction and relationships with members of their families and society, and identifying areas for development in order to achieve individual and family happiness.

Sanaa Al Suwaidi, Director of Family Development Centers in the Al Ain region, confirmed that the forum establishes the values ​​of positive cooperation between all family members and the community, by adopting many initiatives and social, cultural and recreational meetings, and identifying the emotional needs of family members in an innovative, interesting way characterized by competition and challenge, through many Social events, including / I challenge with my family, make memories with love, social cinema “Enhance the quality of your life”, and discover me with love /.

She pointed out that the “Discover Me with Love” event enables family members to invest their free time and learn about each other’s emotional needs, which would enhance the quality of their family relationships, as the forum is a real opportunity for positive change in various aspects of life, increasing quality family time, and strengthening bonds. The family and its impact on the health and happiness of the individual.

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Al-Suwaidi touched on the game “I challenge with my family”, which contains a number of audio clips related to the quality of life, questions about the country’s social heritage, and entertaining games for the family, pointing to the “Make Your Memories with Love” event, which includes taking family photos of the family printed with a souvenir message. With the aim of creating beautiful memories that bring the family together with the Family Development Foundation.

For her part, Salma Salem Al Yahyai, ​​Director of Al Wagan Center affiliated with the Family Development Foundation, explained that the social cinema event “Enhance the Quality of Your Life” includes showing scenes from films approved to serve to enhance the quality of family life that simulate a number of daily family life situations, followed by the use of various training methods to involve family members Re-drafting scenarios for viewers to enhance their quality of life and gain them skills to promote positive family relationships.

Wam/ Reem Al Hajri/ Dina Omar