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Emirates News Agency - "Fan" organizes training workshops with the participation of the most prominent filmmakers

Emirates News Agency – “Fan” organizes training workshops with the participation of the most prominent filmmakers

Sharjah, September 28 / WAM / The Sharjah International Film Festival for Children and Youth, organized by the “Fan” Foundation, which is concerned with promoting and supporting media art for children and young people in the UAE, will host a selection of the most prominent filmmakers, including Arab and foreign directors and photographers, in 30 various training workshops to be held during the period from 10 to 10 to October 15, under the slogan “Think Cinema”.

The workshops, which are held in cooperation with several partners and artistic institutions, deal with specialized cinematic themes and topics, addressing various arts and techniques related to filmmaking, cinematography and scriptwriting, targeting young children, and are presented in two versions, the first in Arabic and the second in English, in the morning and evening periods, for a duration of 50 minutes for each workshop.

The festival offers daily four workshops for children on scriptwriting training, the secrets of animation, the basics of photography, story-making and drawing.

The workshops offer children the opportunity to learn the art of food photography, Instagram account coordination, and practice drawing an animated cartoon character, in addition to learning techniques for production, cinematography, panoramic photography, abstract photography, and how to use a phone camera to produce video clips.

As for the workshops dedicated to the festival for young people, they aim to develop their skills on various cinematic and artistic topics. One of the most popular animators, Thomas Kuchera, presents a workshop on the use of 3D Maya, entitled “Make Your 3D World”.

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The workshops address the art of directing between creativity and leadership, while other workshops focus on the basics of photography, light painting, filmmaking (the art of acting), the art of illustration, animation, perspective photography, how to write an interesting text, the basics of video shooting, the difference between the perspective of photography and video, and other topics and technical techniques.

The list of cooperating bodies in organizing the workshops includes the Omani Society for Cinema and Theater, the Emirates Foundation for School Education, the Sharjah Education Council, the Creativity Lab and Capture LLC.

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