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Emirates News Agency – International media interest in Al Jazeera’s historic victory in the opening of the Club World Cup

FIFA: A “wonderful” victory is the biggest in the opening ceremony of the World Cup, and Chelsea considers it a prelude to its next match.


ABU DHABI, 4th February / WAM / The international media and major sports sites have paid attention to the start of the FIFA Club World Cup “UAE 2021”, which will be hosted in the capital Abu Dhabi until the twelfth of this February, and the great victory of Al Jazira team, over the Tahitian FC Perai team. With a score of 4-1, the Emirati football representative qualified to face the Saudi team, Al Hilal, the champions of the Asian Champions League, in the quarter-finals next Sunday.

Among the most prominent reactions was what was addressed by the official website of the International Football Association (FIFA), which allocated large areas for this match under the title “Amazing goals that help Al Jazira progress.” A report was published under it that dealt with the great victory achieved by the UAE football representative in his first match in the championship against The Tahitian Perai team, stressing that winning a fair quad is the biggest win ever achieved in the history of the opening matches of the Club World Cup, so that Al Jazira qualified to face Al Hilal Saudi Arabia, and the winner of them qualifies to face Chelsea in the semi-finals.

He pointed out that the biggest win in the opening matches was recorded in the name of another Emirati team, Al Wahda, during its participation in the 2010 edition, by defeating Hekari United, the Oceania champions, by 3-0.

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The FIFA website nominated two of Al Jazeera’s four goals to be among the best in the tournament so far, the third and fourth goals in a row for Al Jazeera, which were scored with the left foot of Serbian defender Milos Kozanovic from a free kick that he shot perfectly into the net, and Abdullah Diaby with a wonderful shot from inside the area. The penalty was placed in the right corner of Perai’s goal, while also praising the performance of Mohamed Gamal, Al Jazira player, who won the title of best player in the match.

Also, the official website of the English club Chelsea, the Champions League champion, and participant in the Club World Cup, I consider that the picture became clearer for his first confrontation in this tournament, after Al-Jazira’s inaugural victory, which he described as “comfortable” and his qualification to the quarter-finals, where he had to wait The winner from facing Al-Jazira, the owner of the land and the public, or the Saudi Al-Hilal, the champion of the Asian Champions League in the semi-finals.

The English sports website “SportsMoly” also published a report on the opening match of the Club World Cup, stressing that Al Jazira needed only 4 years to return to participate in this tournament after winning the UAE Pro League title and participate as a representative of the Emirati football and achieve this great victory in his first match. .

As for the official account of the Tahitian FC Perai club, on the social networking site, Facebook, he expressed his pride in what his team presented in his historic participation in the World Cup, considering that the loss by four for one goal is a historical result, and that the team succeeded in writing his name in the history of football. He presented the world with this participation and this result, wishing that he would have the honor of participating again in the future, expressing his happiness at the same time that the result of the match did not end like the results of the rugby or basketball matches, as some expected.

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The same thing was confirmed by the entertainment news site in Tahiti, “Tahiti Invoz”, which considered that football in Tahiti was on a date with history through the first appearance of the Perai team in the Club World Cup, which did its best even though it was not prepared to participate in the optimal way, as well as the difference The experience and great potential between him and Al-Jazira, which makes the 1-4 loss a historical result, especially since the team in the first half could have received a large number of goals, but it was limited to only 3 goals, before the team improved in the second half and succeeded in scoring A reverse goal, before Al-Jazira responded with a single goal.

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