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Emirates News Agency - The Saudi national team records its presence in the list of World Cup surprises throughout its history

Emirates News Agency – The Saudi national team records its presence in the list of World Cup surprises throughout its history

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From / Ahmed Zahran:.

ABU DHABI, 23rd November, 2019 (WAM) — Despite the great potential of the Saudi national football team and the experience and enthusiasm of its players, the precious 2-1 victory for the team over its Argentine counterpart comes as part of the surprises of the World Cup, which is currently being held in Qatar.
The surprise this time lies in the classification difference between the two teams on the one hand, and the huge expectations that preceded the Argentine national team to the World Cup 2022 as one of the leading candidates to compete for the world title, especially since the team includes among its ranks a group of the most prominent players in the world of the game led by the legend Lionel Messi.
In addition, Messi and his comrades failed for nearly a full half to respond to the Saudi team, which snatched the victory in a dramatic manner and kept it until the end, to be the most important and most prominent victory for Saudi Arabia in the history of its participation in the World Cup so far.
In this report, the Emirates News Agency, WAM, monitors some of the most significant surprises that the World Cup tournaments have witnessed throughout history so far.
World Cup 1950:.

The loss of the Brazilian national team at home to Uruguay in the final was a great shock because it missed the first title from the Brazilians, but the most prominent surprise in this version of the World Cup was the victory of the American team over its English counterpart 1-0.
The England national team played this tournament and is a strong candidate to win the title, but it suffered a historic defeat against its American counterpart, which the English newspapers could not imagine when I sent them the result, as they thought that the result was the victory of the English team 10-1 and that there was a printing error.
World Cup 1966:.

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The North Korean national team does not have a great history in the World Cup, as the team played the World Cup twice only, but its only victory in the World Cup tournaments during its first participation made history for it, as it was achieved at the expense of the Italian national team 1-0 in the 1966 World Cup in England, and in a match in which the result went against all expectations Due to the huge difference between the two teams.
World Cup 1978:.

The Dutch national team reached the final match in the 1978 World Cup thanks to the comprehensive football style that dazzled the world, but the way to reach the final witnessed a setback that could have prevented it from this, as the team lost surprisingly to its Scottish counterpart 2-3 in its last match in the first round.
The loss was a big surprise in light of the level of the two teams and the expectations that preceded the match, but the Dutch team snatched the qualification card for the second round, on goal difference against Scotland.
World Cup 1982:.

The Algerian national team started its matches in the history of the World Cup at all with a surprise of the caliber when it defeated 2-1 the West Germany team, which was crowned at the time with the world title twice, in 1954 and 1974.
The Algerian victory was one of the biggest surprises in the history of the World Cup, and the Algerian team defeated Chile 3-2 in the tournament itself, but it did not qualify for the second round in light of the end of the German and Austrian team match in the group with Germany’s victory 1-0, which is the result that qualified the two European teams together for the second round. .
World Cup 1990:.

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The Argentine national team competed in the tournament to defend the title it won in 1986 in Mexico, but fell in the opening match to its Cameroonian counterpart 0-1, making the African team one of the biggest surprises in the history of the World Cup.
The Cameroonian team then made its way to the quarter-finals in the same tournament, becoming the first African team to reach this stage.
World Cup 2002: .

Similar to what the Cameroonian national team presented against the Argentine national team in 1990, the Senegalese national team surprised its French counterpart, who also competed in the tournament to defend the title, and defeated it 1-0.
World Cup 2014:.

The Brazilian national team played the tournament at home and it is a very strong candidate to win the world title, and the team deservedly reached the semi-finals, but suffered a very heavy defeat 1-7 against its German counterpart, and it was not surprising, of course, that either of the two big teams won, but in the heavy result that the match ended with .
World Cup 2022:.

The Saudi national team achieved a big surprise in the World Cup and defeated its Argentine counterpart 2-1, contrary to most of the expectations that preceded the match, in light of the strong nominations enjoyed by the Argentine national team to compete for the title of this version of the tournament.

Asim Al-Khouli / Ahmed Zahran