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Emirates News Agency - United Kingdom National Library buys books by Shamma Bint Mohammed

Emirates News Agency – United Kingdom National Library buys books by Shamma Bint Mohammed

Al Ain, October 31 / WAM / Sheikh Mohammed bin Khalid Al Nahyan Sheikh Shamma bint Mohammed bin Khalid Al Nahyan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Cultural and Educational Institutions, visited the United Kingdom National Library in the British capital, London. It is one of the largest libraries in the world and has a book next to more than 14 million archeological and historical artifacts and ancient manuscripts because it holds national archives of all publications published in the United Kingdom.

During the visit, Sheikh Shamma Bint met with Khalid Al Nahyan, International Partnership Director at the Library, Mrs. Eleanor Cooper, Mrs. Shezar Zuan and Mrs. Didi Lohishi.

During the meeting, the collaboration between the library and the educational and cultural institutions of Sheikh Mohammed bin Khalid Al Nahyan was discussed.

As a first step towards the launch of the Joint Knowledge and Cultural Cooperation, the National Library Committee expressed its appreciation and gratitude to Sheikh Shamma for accepting the Library’s invitation to receive the Library’s books and submit its copies to the Library.

When he visited all sections of the library, he was briefed on the latest methods of providing important archeological manuscripts and documents in the library’s most important collections. And retrieves them.

The panel of writers presented all the definitions of the library of various artifacts of different civilizations around the world, where a discussion was held on the importance of knowing all cultures around the world in order to integrate human history into a single human vision. .

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Sheikh Shamma expressed his hope that global cultures are now moving towards a kind of austerity and harmony that can create in the future a human culture that encompasses all of humanity as a result of the wonderful goodwill between cultures through social networks. Known as digital or virtual citizenship that transcends geographical boundaries.

Library team members expressed their appreciation for the United Arab Emirates, which is a model for coexistence between different and multicultural humanities in a framework of tolerance, coexistence and respect for the law.

Wazirat Sheikh Shammah is in the Queen Elizabeth and Mary Exhibition Library, which displays several collections and manuscripts of Queen Elizabeth I of England and Queen Mary of Scotland. Paddington Bear, one of the world’s favorite children’s bears in children’s stories, he met some of the children who came to the exhibition and talked with them about the Paddington bear and some Emirati folk figures, heroes of folk tales and children. Stories in the United Arab Emirates.

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