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Emirates Newspapers: Mohammed bin Saeed's visit to the UK is an important milestone in the long - term strategic partnership

Emirates Newspapers: Mohammed bin Saeed’s visit to the UK is an important milestone in the long – term strategic partnership


Posted: Friday, September 17, 2021 – 9:59 AM | Last Updated: Friday 17 September 2021 – 10:00 am

Emirati newspapers published on Friday confirmed that the visit of Sheikh Mohammed bin Saeed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Commander of the British Armed Forces, is an important milestone in the long-term strategic partnership between the two countries. A legacy and a long history of relationships and collaboration, planning for the future and predicting its horizons.
For its part, under the heading “Investment in the Future”, Al-Etihad newspaper wrote: “Partnership with the United Kingdom is at the forefront of the UAE’s vision for partnership with the nations of the world during its 50-year journey, especially as the UK plays a key role in improving security and stability factors in the region.” , Helped to develop cooperation in trade and technology, bringing the volume of trade between the UAE and the UK to 390 billion dirhams within 10 years.
In its editorial, Sheikh Mohammed bin Saeed Al Nahyan’s talks with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson in London enhance the momentum of economic and investment cooperation, coordinate efforts to tackle global challenges and problems
The Union concludes its editorial, “Large Emirati Investments in Technology, Infrastructure and Renewable Energy, in collaboration with the United Kingdom, opens a new phase of promotion of trade, investment and innovation, and opens the door wide to strengthen solidarity in terms of global development, historical Emirati constants and future vision The goal.
In the same context, the “Al-Wadan” newspaper in its editorial, entitled “The Emirates and Britain .. Partnership for History and the Future”, arrives at the visit of Sheikh Mohammed bin Saeed Al Nahyan. Reveals: Coordinating efforts and efforts for the benefit and well-being of the two friendly countries, as well as the duty of the Coalition to place the future at the center of its concern, presents an advanced civilized model for developing and developing relations that provides the most complete model in building at all its levels towards achieving common interests and strategic integration, and many more Enhances international efforts towards issues of concern around the world, including the fight against terrorism, the fight against epidemics, the support of peace and stability efforts, and the existence of international law.
He noted that thousands of British companies were operating in the country and that tens of thousands of UK citizens had chosen the country as their residence, and trade exchanges continued to grow and the tourism movement between the two sides had not stopped daily. A strong indication of the rapid modern trend towards efforts that are of interest to both sides.
Al-Waden concluded his editorial by saying, “UAE and UK history, present and future partnership, model for promoting cooperation, development, exchange of interests and common interests of nations. Operates in a timely manner, this process gains growing strength and ensures that it will always be the best.
In its editorial entitled “Statesman and Peace”, Al Khaleej stated in its editorial that “UAE relations with France and Britain are well established, old and diverse, and Sheikh Mohammed bin Saeed Al Nahyan and direct meetings” confirm the commitment of the two countries’ leaders to strengthen cooperation in various fields. Politics, security, economy and culture.
Al-Khaleej concluded his editorial by saying, “The United Arab Emirates has the right to be proud of its achievements both domestically and internationally, and it has a good reputation in the global community. Promotes leading role and gives hope and appreciation.

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