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Emirati artist Mohammed Al-Astad is a lover of the sea who is passionate about something and its opposite

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Mohammed Al-Ustad is an Emirati artist with many interests, and in general, he is biased in his art towards realistic trends, tinged with imagination, and injected with a kind of surrealism at times.

And literal expressionism at other times, after which he entered his painting into a technical and drafting field, announcing the beginning of a new stage in his artistic experience that he founded on literal realism, kneaded later with imagination, and then subjected it to a kind of rotation and new and bold technical research.

between two arts

The stadium experience is divided into two main artistic genres: the multi-color painting, with different treatments and artistic methods, and the optical image that masters dealing with its tools, and the achievement of the distinguished, masterful and expressive of it, in which it monitors the states of nature and man in rare moments of manifestation, entered at the right time, frozen in an image that mimics the painted painting in its visual aesthetics and expressive connotations.

The same formulations, methods, and cuts (and sometimes themes) were adopted in the treatment of his paintings executed mostly in oil and acrylic colors, which he started with a kind of literal realism, then realism tinged with the spirit of impressionism at times, and surrealism at other times, leading to trends that are difficult to study.

Realistic and rotate

The stadium artist adhered to realistic trends, defended them through many media platforms, adopted young artists working in their fields, and kept distancing his artistic experience from abstract and conceptual trends (although he lived in the United States of America / the country that created and exported them to other nations / for a long time). of time) However, curiosity finally led him to explore the horizons of technical experimentation.

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His project (From the Graves of the Beaches) was the beginning of his new artistic research, in which he mixed several abstract, literal, and figurative methods, which he shares with nature. Like most of his artworks, the sea is present in it strongly.

The shape of the sea is the main theme in the works of the artist Muhammad Al-Ustad. Sometimes he monitors its waves in a (panoramic) way, and at other times through clips executed in a (zoom) manner in a realistic, kaleidoscopic manner, in which there is a lot of artistic ingenuity that reflects the poetics, delicacy and transparency of the sea, and its majesty, cruelty and ambiguity at the same time.

Because of his intense love for the sea, he took it as a background for many subjects in which he dealt with man, such as linking it to the weeping woman cushioned by its waves, or to the contemplative and amazed childhood of its ebb and flow. Planned cuts, through which he enters their gatherings above the boats. .

The Godfather

The stadium artist monitors these different situations, according to the emotional state that possesses him while confronting them. And the sea (as he says) taught him tranquility with its terrible silence, and revolution with its fury. As for his calm waves that breathe on the beach, they taught him the sincere smile, and his depths taught him patience and secrecy.

So he is his spiritual father, he took a lot from him, and learned a lot from him. As for his painting, it is a special window through which he presents his personal views on what is going on around him.

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Expression and its opposite

Several aspects of this view are embodied by the artist, the stadium, in his paintings, in which he marries the vocabulary of reality and symbol, establishing from the product of this mating, the plastic carriers of his concerns and precursors centered on the issues of contemporary man (Emirati in particular), taking from the thing and its opposite as his main means to express these concerns.

The artist throws the stadium over the surface of his painting, his reflections, visions, ideas, and the overflow of his soul, through an elaborate combination of realistic, personified shapes and symbols.

The stadium artist is keen to adopt a clear and legible visual language in most of his artworks, without falling into the pitfalls of cold recording.