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Emirati investment in an Israeli space project to go to the moon

Emirati investment in an Israeli space project to go to the moon

6 hours ago

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Nazareth – “Al Quds Al Arabi”: As new evidence of the relations between the Emirates and the occupying country, within a few months of the official normalization of relations, Israeli sources revealed yesterday, Sunday, Israeli-Emirati cooperation in the field of space, which is expected to come to light soon, and it seems that in The core of this cooperation is the spending of Emirati funds on an Israeli project, to return to the surface of the moon.
And according to what was published by the Israeli channel “A24”, the Israeli association “SpaceIL” which launched a vehicle to the surface of the moon and crashed as it landed, more than a year ago, is interested in repeating the experiment with another vehicle, and for this purpose, the Emirati investment company “G42” agreed that the vehicle will be The Israeli “Prashet 2” is shared with the UAE. It also stated that the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Israel Space Agency and the Israeli ambassador to the UAE are helping advance the program within the framework of the comprehensive agreement for technological cooperation between the two parties. A few days ago, SpaceIL announced that it had raised $70 million, an amount that paved the way for the launch of Berashit 2. As for the people who donated the money, according to the Israeli channel mentioned, they are the Patrick Foundation, Lena Derhy, Morris Cohen and Intra Capital, and the cost of the mission is estimated at about $100 million. She pointed out that if this cooperation is implemented, it will make “Brashet 2” the first scientific and technical project that will create a common history for the two sides: placing the flags of the two parties side by side on the moon. She said that this cooperation is considered cooperation between peoples in many aspects: technological, scientific and educational, which can deepen the relationship between “countries” and inspire other Arab countries regarding the possibilities of establishing the relationship with Israel. In addition, G42 invests in technology projects and in the areas of artificial intelligence and advanced cloud technologies. The Emirati company recently announced a strategic cooperation with the Israeli “Rafael” to manufacture missiles and bombs. She concluded that if the spacecraft became a joint venture, there could be a partnership in technology, science and manufacturing projects as well in the future.
In addition, the Israeli newspaper “Israel Hayom” revealed yesterday that there is Israeli concern about the rise in the influence of the Secretary-General of Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah, in light of the political and economic crisis in Lebanon. According to the Israeli newspaper, some officers and reserve commanders, including Brigadier General Shlomi Bender, who is responsible for protecting the Israeli-Lebanese border and the commander of the 91st Division, warned: “There is a possibility that Nasrallah will take advantage of the chaos in Lebanon as an opportunity and work to increase his and Iran’s hegemony over the country.” It is reported that Shlomi Bender is the first Israeli officer to speak out about the crisis in Lebanon.
According to the World Bank, the current crisis in Lebanon is one of the three most dangerous crises in the world in the last 150 years, and the Israeli army is studying a series of scenarios for the country’s future, which may also affect Israel. The newspaper pointed out that the Northern Command is preparing for the possibility that thousands of Lebanese will try to reach the Israeli border in an attempt to find a better future here. Under this scenario, boats carrying refugees will attempt to reach the country’s shores, as is already happening on the shores of Cyprus. Another worrying aspect is the situation of the Lebanese army, where the Israeli newspaper claims that the army, which is considered a factor in stabilizing the country, is collapsing, and there are reports of defections in the thousands. “Many people remain in the army, but in practice they participate in secondary jobs that only provide them with a salary,” she added.

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