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Emirati women constituted 34% of the “Probe of Hope” and 80% of the project’s scientific team

The great empowerment that the UAE accorded to women in all sectors confirmed distinguished successes, which everyone witnessed, while the “space field” is considered one of the most important strategic files, in which the nation is looking forward to its future, to testify to the unparalleled excellence of them, especially since they constitute 34% of the « Hope Probe” and 80% of the project’s scientific team, which confirms that Emirati women have made their mark strongly to chart a better tomorrow for the country.

real wealth

The Emirati space sector has played an important role in attracting Emirati women with their various engineering, scientific and technical specializations to work within the large projects launched by the state in this sector, foremost of which is the Emirates Mars Exploration Project, “Probe of Hope”, which crowns the state’s efforts to build high Emirati human resources. Efficiency in the field of space technology, developing knowledge, scientific research and space applications that benefit humanity, establishing a sustainable economy based on knowledge, promoting diversification and encouraging innovation, given that human resources are the real wealth of the country.

The Emirates Mars Exploration Project consists of an Emirati team, with the participation of women, which is the highest in the world, with 34% of the work team. The data and scientific content that the probe will provide and the requirements for its analysis, and then provide the global scientific community with it to benefit from its content. Half of the leadership positions in the Emirates Mars Exploration Project were obtained by Emirati girls, while this team published more than 51 working papers and specialized scientific research, which It reflects the great potential they have on a professional level.

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Distinguished role

On the other hand, and in continuation of this distinction for Emirati women in the space sector, the figures revealed that the “UAE Astronaut Program”, which registered in its second edition 4,305 applicants, made up 33% of the total applicants for this batch, and the first version of the program reached the number of applicants. 4,022 people, which witnessed a high turnout of girls, which amounted to 34%, which gives an important indicator of the great confidence that Emirati women enjoy in their abilities and capabilities, which made them join this qualitative program, which qualifies its applicants, to become Emirati astronauts who depend on them. The state to lead its advanced future projects.

great support

The absolute and great support for Emirati women stems from the interest of Her Highness Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak, Chairwoman of the General Women’s Union, Supreme Chairwoman of the Family Development Foundation and President of the Supreme Council for Motherhood and Childhood, so that the daughter of the UAE may assume the position she deserves in all fields, including the science and technology sector, in which she has achieved successes. Important, supported in this by the existence of this huge scientific structure, which the Emirates owns of educational institutions, universities and scientific institutions, in which Emirati women have become an active member and an important partner.

Since its establishment, the UAE has pursued all means to empower women and enhance their participation in various fields of work, as the wise leadership continued to build on this approach, believing in the ability of Emirati girls to contribute effectively to supporting the sustainable development process in the country, and building an economy based on knowledge and innovation, especially that Emirati women cut It has made great strides in its participation in various scientific and practical fields, and has assumed vital positions and leads them efficiently, thanks to the continuous support of the leadership in all fields.

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