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Empowering women at the heart of climate change

Empowering women at the heart of climate change

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Dr. Yasmin Fouad, Minister of Environment, Ministerial Coordinator and Ambassador of the Climate Conference participated in a session on “Building Resilience and Climate Opportunities for Women and Girls” held on the sidelines of the 27 meetings at the United Kingdom Pavilion. (Angola, Somalia, Mauritania, Ghana, Niger and The Gambia), Janet Rogan – Envoy for Africa and the Middle East at the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, in the presence of several African environment ministers, including from the UK COP26 region This session was delivered by the World Economic Forum’s Circular Economy Directed by Kristen Hughes.

Today, Monday, the Environment Minister emphasized that the purpose of the session is to facilitate adaptation actions for women and girls in Africa and to create a network of African leaders on climate issues, noting the important role of women in supporting. Adaptation measures, especially since they are the most vulnerable group to the negative impacts of climate change.

The environment minister explained that the design of the thematic days launched at the COP27 climate conference and global initiatives are linked to Egypt’s national efforts to address the effects of climate change. Global economic crises the world will see in 2022. Together we must think about how to meet the basic human needs of energy, food and water. From this point of view, we launched the first National Strategy for Climate Change 2050. Our National Contribution Plan is defined with ambitious targets in the sectors of Power, Transport, Gas and Petroleum and Adaptation, and from here we have prepared a set of projects that link energy, food and water, which have always been in our policy. Until now it has not seen the light, which will contribute to achieving a balance between adaptation and mitigation, in proportion to the basic human needs for the continuation of life, and in a way that encourages development partners, be it the United Nations Organizations. Or development banks, private sector and academia.

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And she added, when we come to women, we see that the national strategy is an important component of women’s empowerment, and in the implementation of our national contribution program in the sectors we identified, women were at the heart, in crop production, water desalination, etc. And access to energy, through the Small and Medium Enterprises Commission was able to provide support to women.

At the regional and global level, when we designed the African Women Empowerment Initiative, we focused on the energy, food and water sectors, providing greater economic opportunities for women and Mr. Energy, food and water, particularly where they are most needed at the level of rural and local communities, are the most vulnerable elements on the African continent and in regions most vulnerable to the effects of climate change, particularly women.

He pointed out that 3 axes should be focused on, the best ways to improve women’s capacity to address the effects of climate change, access to finance as part of the green economy and the implementation of more adaptation and mitigation projects in energy, food and water.

The Minister of Environment expressed his happiness at the appointment of a young woman named Amina Omrani (doctor) as the first Youth Ambassador of the Conference of Parties. Women’s contribution to addressing climate change also contributes to mobilizing youth from different countries of the world to help the voice of the youth to be heard and provide its innovative ideas that contribute to providing solutions together with the decision makers. In countries of the world.

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