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Encounter from space | Noor Al-Mahmoud

The fourth meeting, the contact and communication between the people of this bountiful land and its righteous and loyal son who raised its name and flag high, and is there a point higher than space that can be reached and the flag raised?
“Meeting from space”, this is how they call the series of meetings organized by the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center to make direct contact with the astronaut Sultan Al Neyadi, and the meeting this time came from the heart of Al Ain, the birthplace of Al Neyadi, specifically from the United Arab Emirates University, and the direct contact between the Earth And the International Space Station and direct communication between the son of the Emirates and its people who are becoming more proud every day of his achievements, more than just an event that we brag about in front of the world, it is a meeting that we enjoyed and learned from, and it will teach all generations, young and old, and it is an encounter that will remain engraved in the memory of every student and young man and woman who attended the hall Or watch on the screen, and the etched is not erased by the days, but rather it may crystallize from it to form an idea that creates a future and reshapes the thinking and mind of a person to make a new scientist, astronaut or inventor out of it.
Many questions were asked, and Al-Neyadi answered with his usual smile, spaciousness, and smoothness in speaking. He is a beautiful picture of the ambitious young scientist. Curious, but important and scientific questions. We all ask them, but in the depths of our souls, and we do not receive a response. While in this meeting that comes directly from space, we heard, understood, and knew, how Sleep, what do astronauts eat, what do they do with waste, and how do they behave and adapt to space outside and inside the spacecraft..?
The benefit of this experience and this contact and communication with the son of the Emirates, Sultan Al Neyadi, does not stop at the limits of questions and answers and twenty minutes of direct contact, but rather extends to the situation that young people and children live in during the meeting, and the extent to which they are affected by the scientific achievements of the Emirates so far, and the meaning and importance of reaching this position Global access to space, what do we benefit? What is the relationship between what is happening today and the future? Why do we care about space and what happens in it and what benefits the people of the earth? How did Sultan Al Neyadi become a symbol that embodies Zayed’s ambition, the ambition of the UAE and all of Zayed’s children? What would have happened if the leaders of the Emirates had not had this awareness, this wisdom, will and determination, and if they had not put the future in their eyes from many years ago and had not planned and worked for the country to reach what it has reached?
It is more than an event and a mere “meeting from space”. It is far from instant contact with Al Neyadi. This meeting takes us to many distant stations in the history of this country, takes us back to the past and pushes us with strength, determination and optimism towards the future. Direct talk left behind many seeds of hope that were planted in the minds of the young and young, and they will sprout knowledge, success, ambition and will, and we will undoubtedly see many positive examples that will blossom and walk on this path.
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