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End of form, when the employee has his desk, pictured above and below the door, in Czech Siemens |  Business

End of form, when the employee has his desk, pictured above and below the door, in Czech Siemens | Business

Prague It’s a home mistake: pensions for smart production and development can only afford rich firms. But in order to survive in the world, it must change, except for Edward Palik, Czech Siemens. Corporate life will be different, too. One of your businesses is one of the buildings, their uses, and their technologies. How did the virus change it?
The epidemic has turned business models for building buildings on their head. She showed us things we cannot imagine. We dig somewhat to live one, and contactless meetings aren’t always completely personal and fruitful. At the same time, there are a number of things that can be read remotely using digital technologies. Will it affect your sdlo in Stodlky Cracks?
When it was just a small day, we allowed our employees to work from home to reduce the risk of injury. While rebuilding our communications, which happened for the first time, we tried not to go down the path of large, ugly offices. We thought of two, the home business trend has manifested itself in the face of pandemics.

We don’t have small rooms here, but we do dream that the space is functional even for small groups of people. To be dynamic and to be able to change or zoom according to the needs and wheels of the group, each box limits flexibility. We know for comfort, the phone or the dark. A system with the fact that people will come here after these workdays from home and will need to gather information and advice.

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