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“Energy science” tells you 6 daily habits that bring poverty to homes.. What do you do with them?

“Energy science” tells you 6 daily habits that bring poverty to homes.. What do you do with them?

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Energy science is one of the sciences of interest to many people, and it is classified within the spiritual sciences, and it is called by many names in different cultures, as philosophical systems have used many different means for the continuation of energy, knowing that there are many global systems used, such as: Reiki exercises, Chi And macrobiotic exercises, according to Dr. Maha Al-Attar, an expert in energy and space science.

Habits that bring poverty

Maha Al-Attar confirms that there are reasons and explanations for everything that happens in our lives in energy science, which warns against some habits that bring badness to people, and make them suffer from a lack of blessing in money and livelihood, noting that there are situations that bring poverty, including the lack of a wallet for money. , which means that money is constantly flying, also keeping money in a bad place inside the house such as: the refrigerator, the oven, the bathroom, under the tiles.

Spending money in the early morning is one of the habits that may seem circulating and relatively ordinary, but the energy expert strongly warned against it, because of its negative impact on the material condition of people, explaining that it is evidence of dispensation and the presence of excess, and she also warned against sewing at home, because it is a simulation in the use of Old clothes and repaired.

Maha adds: “Water leakage from the plumbing in the house is one of the causes of money leakage and waste of wealth, and the use of broken and old clothes, especially underwear, increases the state of poverty.”

Energy Healing Systems

Reiki: a group of practices approved in Japan, which plays an important role in linking the energy in the body with the divine cosmic energy.

Ayurveda: One of the ancient Indian methods, which is based on the belief that human health depends primarily on a delicate balance between the triangle of mind, body and spirit.

Prana: a method of spiritual healing, based on a basic principle, which claims that the cause of physical and mental illnesses of any human being, is the flow of vital life energy.

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