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البرامج الهندسية في المملكة تحصل على عضوية اتفاقية واشنطن

Engineering programs in the Kingdom receive membership in the Washington Conference

Academic engineering programs in Saudi universities are members of the Washington Accord, one of the international standards in the field of engineering. It is an agreement between the authorities responsible for professional recognition. This membership is intended to recognize the certificates of graduates. Engineering programs of Saudi universities in member countries; To ensure improvement in the quality and efficiency of practice in the field of engineering at the Member State level in the United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Canada, Korea, Hong Kong, Ireland, Australia. Singapore, New Zealand.

Notably, the Saudi Council of Engineers is a participating member of the Council for Academic Accreditation for Engineering Programs in collaboration with the Education and Training Evaluation Commission represented by the National Center for Academic Accreditation and Evaluation.

Engineer Abdul Nasser Al Abdullatif, Secretary General of the Saudi Council of Engineers, emphasized the importance of the engineering sector in participating in comprehensive national development and being a key partner in achieving the objectives of the Kingdom’s vision in various fields. Develop skills and improve education and academic performance indicators to achieve global engineering excellence through the national engineering workforce.

Al-Abdullatif pointed out that this mutual recognition between member countries of engineering programs will provide opportunities for national engineering personnel to move and gain advanced experiences in the field of engineering and reach new horizons for cooperation and joint work. Completing the academic pathways to master’s and doctoral degrees and addressing professional and academic issues and needs will support national engineering publications to develop their technical and professional capabilities. Department, and develop the level of professional practices in the kingdom.

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