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England Pavilion .. A vision of the future

England Pavilion .. A vision of the future

Dubai: Maha Adele

Participating in Expo 2020 Dubai, the United Kingdom Pavilion invites visitors from around the world to think deeply and logically about the message we need to express ourselves as a planet if one day encounters other advanced civilizations in space.

The British Pavilion is run under the slogan “Innovation for a Shared Future”, revealing how the UK is collaborating with other countries to create solutions to global problems, taking pride in the fact that innovation is at the heart of British culture. Significant history of innovations that changed the world. The UK is known for cultivating talent and helping to develop innovative and pioneering thinkers.

The design of the pavilion, located in the District of Opportunity, highlights the AI ​​and space sectors, inviting its visitors to join the ever-changing collective message with its unique design and an attractive vision for the future. From space trading to artificial intelligence.

Inspired by the late Professor Stephen Hawking’s “Breakthrough Message” project, the idea for the stunning design of the UK pavilion. The studio of Ace Devlin, a British international artist and designer, is operated by Ace Devlin, in collaboration with Avantgarde’s experts with a global experience headquartered in London and Dubai.

British artist Ace Devlin is an OBE, multi-award-winning British artist who is considered by many designers to be the world’s leading designer, whose work extends beyond theater and opera to other active fields such as music, film, television, fashion and visual arts. .

Artist Ace Devlin is also known for creating tremendous works of art that mix technology and poetry, including the interactive “The Fifth Lion” on display in Trafalgar Square in London. The magnificent design he created for the British Pavilion at Expo Dubai reflects a glowing and interactive sculptural message, thereby encouraging visitors to the pavilion to contribute.

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