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English Channel: Frontex will continue its air traffic control operations in 2023

English Channel: Frontex will continue its air traffic control operations in 2023

The European Border Protection Agency (Frontex) will continue to monitor the French side of the English Channel through 2023, according to the agency’s executive director Ija Kalnaga. Air traffic control operations began after a boat capsized in November 2021, killing 27 migrants.

Cooperation between the French authorities and the European Border Protection Agency “Frontex” will continue. Next year, Frontex’s executive director, Ega Kalnaga, confirmed before the French Senate yesterday, Thursday, November 10, “the support of French border management authorities through air control” of the canal’s shores.

At the request of French President Emmanuel Macron, the agency began air surveillance in the Channel France region after 27 migrants from the French coast to the United Kingdom died in the Channel.

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On Monday, November 7, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak hinted at a new Franco-British collaboration to “stop illegal immigration to the Kingdom from French shores” and said negotiations were in the final stages. According to the newspaper “Liz Echo” French.

The two countries signed a deal worth 63 million euros in July 2021 to fund extra police patrols on the beaches of northern France. Despite strained relations between the two sides in the past, British immigration minister Robert Jenrick confirmed French authorities’ opposition to more than 29,000 migrants this year, and the new prime minister stressed bipartisan cooperation to control the borders.

Frontex is involved in the forced deportation of migrants

Frontex was involved According to several press investigations and a report published by the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF), the forced deportation of migrants in cooperation with the Greek coast guard was under the direction of Fabrice Legheri, who resigned from his post last April.

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The European Union strengthened Frontex’s mandate in 2019, and the agency that pursues controversial anti-immigrant practices is the European body with the largest budget, with funds expected to exceed 750 million euros in 2022.

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According to the new Frontex director, deportations of migrants to their home countries have increased by 30%, with European authorities deporting more than 21,000 migrants, 12,000 of them involuntarily and 7,000 voluntarily.

27 emigrants spent in the English Channel

In November last year, 27 migrants, including a girl and five women, one of whom was pregnant, died off the coast of France while trying to cross the canal in a small boat. After the incident, French President Emmanuel Macron called for an “immediate strengthening” of the means available to Frontex at the EU’s external borders and vowed that “France will not allow the Channel to become a graveyard”.

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Despite the dangerous sea route and low temperatures, migrants make their way to England from the coast of France. The number of arrivals to the Kingdom from the French coast reached 39,766 from the beginning of the year to the end of October.