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Engy Al-Mokadam reveals the details of the "45 rules of divorce"

Engy Al-Mokadam reveals the details of the “45 rules of divorce”

“Be mindful of what you wish for” is the sentence that she put before her eyes when she achieved her dream of obtaining her first championship in the television work “The 45 Rules of Divorce”, but she was suffering from a state of fear at the same time because of her, and her ability to succeed in it, until the episodes were achieved. The first of her work was an extraordinary success, and this was not the only successful work for her, but she succeeded greatly in the series “State House of Maadi” and many talk about the role she plays and the extent of her professionalism in providing personal details. She is the artist, Engy Al-Mokadam, who lives these days in a state of The artistic activity, where she is awaiting the screening of her two films, “Bab Masol” and “11:11”, in addition to her preparations for the third part of the series “The Choice”. had a special interview with her about all these works.

“The 45 Rules of Divorce” is your first dramatic tournament. We talked about that experience, especially since your first tournament was through a mini-setcom called “Ahmed Atjouz Mona”..

It was an experience that I was terrified of, and it was like a heavy burden for me. I felt a great responsibility on my shoulders, and I hoped all the time to be up to that huge responsibility, and to prepare for it to the fullest. I had a workshop with Rami Al-Jundi for this role, because the technique that Using it depends on the immersion in entering the character, which is the first time that I do this, I usually get general workshops all the time but not about a specific role, talent is like a muscle that an artist must train, I was afraid and trying to be prepared as much as possible I read a lot, study and do extensive rehearsals, I did not want to rely only on the old stock, I wanted to introduce myself with a new stock, it was the first time I went through this experience, the experience of the championship is not easy, it is like the sentence “Be mindful of what you wish for.” “When we wish we see our dreams rosy, but at the same time they have a great burden and greater responsibility, so I hope to prove myself and be up to it.

Engy Al Muqaddam

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The work consists of 45 episodes, which is not easy, and the work is taken from an international format for an American series called Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce. Didn’t you worry about the comparison too?

I cannot deny that I was afraid of the idea that the work consisted of 45 episodes, but the work is a hearty meal if the audience is associated with it, it will succeed, and in fact the reactions since the beginning of its presentation exceeded expectations, as the work attracted the audience, because it resembles large groups of women in situations and events Much like reality, all in a calm and light-hearted way.

The work is already taken from the format of a foreign series, and I watched the first season of it and refused to complete it, because the character that I present through the work is called Farida and in the original version is called “Abby”, and I liked “Unique” more, and I did not want to be influenced by Abby’s character, I wanted to present A character that has its own flavor and character, it is fresh and different, and I also do not want to imitate anyone else, in fact I fell in love with Farida more on paper than Abby in the forms.

What is the most difficult scene in the work?

The scene of the confrontation between me and my husband in the first episode, was one of the most difficult scenes in the work, as well as the scene of the collapse at the book signing ceremony, and scenes of fights between her and her husband, and there are scenes of loss and sadness during the next episodes, as there are many scenes that I presented as a woman and not an actress, so unique A mother of two children, including a daughter, who is trying to gain her independence in life, feelings that I have already met in my own life and the lives of those around me. Our main goal in this work is to strengthen and empower women and encourage them to make the right decision, especially when separation occurs at the right time.

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Have you made plans after the success of Choice 2 for yourself and the work presented to you?

On the contrary, I have not decided anything, but I am always keen to present a new work and a character that I have not presented before and to change my skin, which I did with “The 45 Rules of Divorce” and also in “State House of Maadi”, the work takes place in 12 episodes, In an interesting comic social framework, during the sixties and eighties, and the current era, and presents human and psychological issues, including the killing of some husbands by their wives, according to real stories that public opinion has stopped before them for years.

What about cinema and the reason for your absence from it?

It is not my choice. I love the cinema a lot, but what is presented to me does not suit me, and I want to present a strong cinematic work, but there are two works that are still waiting for the show, and they are “Isolated Door” drama and suspense for a young teenager who falls in love with a forty-year-old woman and their relationship develops when they are locked in a place Closed brings them together, but in the end everything changes in this relationship, and the other is the movie “11:11”, which will be shown soon, and which appeared within its events as the wife of Iyad Nassar, and the date of its presentation will be announced during the coming period after the completion of its montage. I had the pleasure of working with Iyad and director Karim Abu Zeid.

Engy Al Muqaddam

Engy Al Muqaddam

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