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Enhancing cooperation between navigation sciences, space technology and the Meteorological Authority

Dr. Mansour Hassan announced the head Beni Suef UniversityCollege organization Navigation science and space technology A visit to the General Authority of Meteorology to discuss ways of joint cooperation between the two sides.

The delegation included Dr. Osama Shalabiya, Dean of the College of Navigation Sciences and Space Technology, Dr. Hebatallah Muhammad Abdel Halim, Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs, Dr. Khaled Youssef, Head of the Space Communications Department and Vice Dean for Graduate Studies and Research, and Dr. Hossam Mahmoud Nassar, Vice Dean for Environment and Community Service Affairs. In addition to 15 male and female students.

The university president stated that this visit aims to enhance and discuss ways of cooperation between the university and the General Meteorological Authority in a number of important areas, including training students at the Cairo Regional Training Center at the authority’s headquarters, whose programs are approved by the World Meteorological Organization, as well as contributing to the discussion of graduation projects. College students, and other aspects of cooperation between the college and the authority to establish and operate a meteorological station and climate change were also discussed.

Osama Shalabiya added that, during the visit, the authority showed a documentary film about the history and activity of the authority and explained the mechanism of its work and its affiliated stations throughout the Republic, and answered all student inquiries regarding the use of satellites in weather monitoring and the exchange of data between global information centers.

It should be noted that the delegation visited the General Administration of Scientific Research at the Authority, the Center for Numerical Forecasts, and the Center for Weather Radars, and was briefed on the mechanism of work and research partnerships between the Authority and the various state institutions, as well as viewing the various national projects that the Authority has prepared for and contributed to its establishment, such as: The Dabaa Nuclear Power Plant Construction Project, Egypt’s Future Project for Agricultural Production, and others.

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The visit also included an inspection of the Forecasting and Early Warning Center and the Remote Sensing Department to see the method of work that combines technology and precise manual work, how to monitor weather phenomena through satellites and their data, and the Museum of the Meteorological Authority.