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Enjoy your week with Christmas Pub Quiz

Weekly Events Overview: Brighten the week with our Christmas Pub Quiz

5. 12. 2021 |
Anna Sass |

student life

The new week brings with it another weekly look of events. Whether you are busy searching for Christmas gifts for your loved ones or preparing for an exam that is irreversibly approaching, you are sure to enjoy both activities for a while. You can do it at the Grinche Show, a fun Christmas ride or maybe at the Future of Europe Conference.

Monday December 6

If you don’t want to indulge in scripts, textbooks, and messy data, you can still spend your Monday in the spirit of education. For example, on the resident conspiracyIn which direction do we want to lead Europe?Organized by the Center for European Studies within the KOBE (Conference on the Future of Europe). You can participate in up to three panel discussions and discuss the upcoming Czech presidency in the EU. Stream conspiracy It will be possible to monitor From 9 am to 4 pm.. You can find individual topics and the names of the debaters in a program a job.

We will stay in EU affairs for a while. From 5.30 pm to 7:00 pm It takes place discussion As part of the Café Evropa series, this time around the topicThe euro in the Czech Republic – when to adopt it?The guest of the discussion is Marek Mora, Deputy Governor of the Czech National Bank or Tomas Broza, President of the Trade and Tourism Association of the Czech Republic. The event will be broadcasted Online You will be able to ask questions directly in the comments below the video.

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Tuesday 7 December

For those of you who would rather look ahead than wait for us in January, we have something interesting Seminar on corporate cultureWhat is the difference between working in a Czech and American company?Petra Moselova, Director of Communications at Czech investment firm RSJ, and Kristina Truskova, Area Director of the Czech branch of US company WeWork, will talk about the differences. The seminar will be held From 13:00 on the platform ZOOM It is needed registration.

Wednesday December 8

Although thinking about the future, we must not forget about the upcoming holidays. We would like to invite you to Escape from Christmas with SUITCASE (Tourism Students Club). You can look forward to different tricks but also great prizes for the winners. The event will take place Online from 20:00 It is necessary to have it registration.

Thursday December 9

On Thursday, we will give you not one, but two, tests that are very popular among students. the first He is Travel Quizzes Volume 9: Christmas Edition, organized by the Travelers Club VŠE. event takes place At Umbrella Pizza Bar right next to VŠE from 19:30. A three-member team is required and in time to participate Register.

The second test is already traditional water diploma Organized by the Young Diplomats Initiative. You can test your knowledge across diplomacy, international politics, geopolitics and current events Register in the room SB 309 from 20:00.

Friday December 10

On Friday, instead of giving a lecture or a quiz, we will challenge you to stand up for injustice and possibly save human life as part of the campaign. Letter writing marathon. Amnesty International’s international human rights events culminate on 10 December as International Human Rights Day. More information at Official Website (or in our article).

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Saturday 11 December

On Saturday we will try to get you in the mood for a merry Christmas again and invite you to it Eating in China Angel Statement And prediction Inseparable Christmas classics –Grinch. The movie starts in 16:30 And full acceptance FREE SHIPPING. If you want to make sure that you will be seated at the cinema, you can do so in advance reservation.

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