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Enormous Canada and the USA. Battle for gold in the World Cup. We dream about this, it will be interesting, the American is looking forward to it

Jason FransonAnd the ČTK / AP

The Canadian players defending the last world title, if they beat the United States, could celebrate their third title in the last four years. Americans have won four medals in the past five years, in 2017 they were gold. Who will be happy in 2021?

Canada is very confident in defending the title, playing six matches in the tournament, winning all of them, scoring 41 goals and collecting only 4 goals. Even the Russians, last year’s silver, failed. “This is hockey, things like that happen. Congratulations to Canada. The players did a great job and deserved to win. We should have played better,” was the disappointed Russian captain Vasily Podkulzin.

Showers for the choir! The World Championship final of the 1920s will be an external affair

Canadian goalkeeper Devon Levy has played six matches in the tournament, with six wins and a success rate close to 98 percent. “The match back was unbelievable. It’s amazing to see everyone try. It makes my job so much easier”, thanked the Canadian goalkeeper after Russia.

Canadian goalkeeper Devon Levy kept a clean sheet in the semi-final match with Russia.

Jason FransonAnd the ČTK / AP

The semi-finals were more balanced, as Kaliayev decided to win the United States in the 59th minute. The main shot fell 76 seconds before the end of the third twenty-minute period. This moment decided that in the final match, two outside teams would face each other, with a great rivalry.

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“This is something you dream about. The United States and Canada are in the fight for the gold medal. It will be a fun match. If we want to win a gold medal, we have to play for the full 60 minutes,” warned American John Farinacci right after the semi-final, who also scored among the shooters in the semi Final.

The following program (starts at CET):
Tuesday, January 5:
23:30, third place: Finland-Russia.
Wednesday, January 6:
03:30, Final: Canada-USA.

Canada and the United States last played in the 1920s Final in 2017, and the title was won by the Americans. Russia will compete for Finland for the bronze medal today just before midnight CET. One medal from the tournament will remain in Europe.

“It was a really great journey with these people, to be here in a bubble. We still want to win a medal and be proud of this team, so we will definitely do our best and try to win a bronze medal,” Finn Casper Bottiou believes in success.

Finn Casper Simontival beats US goalkeeper Spencer Knight.

Jason FransonAnd the ČTK / AP

But the most important thing will be the fight for gold. “You want to play the last game. You want to be part of something special and the last game will be special. I’m proud of what we got to, but we still have a lot of work to do,” the Canadian coach finished before the finals.

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