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Entrepreneur Mika submitted an insolvency proposal, debt of at least 120 million

Strong year. In 2017, investor Michel Meca bought the Czech mdn logo Pietro Filipi. Thus he acquired shares in Liftago or Favorit Czechoslovakia.
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Dlunk is the guarantor, or rather the auditor exchange, for some of C2H Equity’s debts, which, including its membership, exceeded 280 million crowns at the end of the year. Debts owed on C2H Equity liabilities are likely to be claimed from debt creditors. Dalonck is unable to meet these debts regarding the sixth of his income and property value, Mika says in his insolvency proposal.

Orbn sv billions for new enterprises. It is a tool of power, stiff opposition

According to the proposal, Mike’s biggest creditor is real estate businessman Martin Hess, who claims 117 million crowns from the businessman. Early this year, Hes joined the Rezidence U Hvzdy real estate project, with Mika being involved until then, but later had to quit due to the situation in C2H sets, on E15.

Vlastislav Bza mlad, claiming that the amount of the arrest exceeds five million crowns on Mike. Likewise, Mickoff of C2H Equity, owner of the Livesport Group, is claiming the amount owed, and Martin Hjeck, of E15, is claiming domestic billions.

Several companies from C2H Mike Group have entered bankruptcy in the recent past, namely C2H Retail Holding, C2H Financial and changes to C2H Equity. At the Mora meeting, Mika sent three companies into bankruptcy, which were engaged in the sale of the copper brands Kara and Pietro Filipi, with a total debt of more than 700 million crowns. In the case of both brands, standard insolvency proposals have made lower trade more expensive due to closing sales during the pandemic.

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