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Environment agency workers join strike wave in Britain to demand better pay

The British newspaper “The Guardian” said that workers of the British Environment Agency (EA)They will join a wave strikes Flood-prone areas of the UK will rely on automated rescue systems for Wednesday’s flood warnings and alerts.

Systems normally overseen by experienced staff who have had to rely on food banks as a result of the cost-of-living crisis will be automated during an industrial strike after the government failed to bring them in. Negotiation table..

The strike will involve river surveyors, flood forecasters, coastal risk management staff, sewage plant officials and staff at Thames Embankment. Last November, the government gave workers a 2% pay rise, but their union, Unison, says its members’ salaries have fallen by more than 20% in real terms since 2010..

An incident response worker at the Environment Agency told the Guardian her colleagues were forced to take action because the government refused to move to a fair pay scheme that would have prevented low-paid workers from relying on food banks as a cost-of-living crisis. is high

The worker added: “These people are vital workers the UK depends on and we believe they deserve more“.

Because of the agency-wide strike and job openings, “We cannot warn and inform the public in time about flooding. So far, we haven’t had too many problems with flood water, but the conclusion is that nothing is guaranteed if the strike continues.”.”

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