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Environmentally friendly remote control.. solar powered

Environmentally friendly remote control.. solar powered

Omni launched the new Perpetual Remote Model P, which is powered by solar energy.
The Chinese company, which specializes in the production of universal remote controls, explained that the new device can be used for years without the need to connect it to the electrical socket to recharge the battery to provide maximum levels of comfort.

With the new model, Omni aims to overcome the problem of having to recharge or replace batteries with remote controls, especially with Bluetooth-enabled devices, which do not last more than a year.

The Chinese company explained that it has reduced the power consumption in the remote control to practically zero in standby mode, and the battery operation period extends for a full 4 months without exposure to daylight.

When the remote control is exposed to light for 8 hours a day, it allows an unlimited operating time, and thus the user can, with the new model, completely dispense with connecting the device to the charger or replacing the batteries.

The remote control allows devices to be controlled via Bluetooth or infrared technology, and is compatible with the most popular home cinema devices, such as Android TVs.

The new remote control includes a microphone to support voice control, in addition to dedicated buttons for the Google Assistant voice assistant application, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney + and YouTube streaming services.

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