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EP calls on EU countries to coordinate expulsion of Russian diplomats to Vrbětice

EP calls on EU countries to coordinate expulsion of Russian diplomats to Vrbětice

Updates: 29.04.2021 18:20

Brussels – MEPs today called on EU member states to co-ordinate the expulsion of Russian diplomats in response to the findings of Czech secret services regarding Russia’s involvement in the Vrbetice ammunition depot in 2014. The MEPs also condemned Russia in a resolution approved by a majority of 569. Threats of 682 votes were sent to the Czech Republic in a subsequent diplomatic case.

MEPs have called for tougher sanctions on Moscow’s current aggression. According to them, the union should reduce its reliance on Russian energy, stop the construction of the North Stream 2 gas pipeline and not let the Russian company Rosatom build nuclear power plants in the European Union.

In addition to the Czech-Russian split, the legally binding resolution adopted following Wednesday’s discussion with EU diplomatic leader Joseph Boral is dedicated to the recent Russian military maneuvers near the Ukrainian border and the deteriorating health of imprisoned Russian opposition leader Alexei. Navalny. The text of the document was supported by representatives of major European parliamentary groups, the People’s Party, the Socialists, the Liberals, the Greens and the Conservatives. Not only members of the Nationalist Right and Radical Left Club voted for him.

In its resolution, Parliament “insists that the EU is on the side of the Czech Republic and calls on the Commission’s Vice President, High Representative (Borel) and the EU Council to take appropriate countermeasures in retaliation, or any other EU member states to expand targeted activities. Including;

MEPs also appreciate the previous support the Czech Republic has received from other countries. Several Russian ambassadors were expelled from Slovakia, Romania and the Baltic states after Russia expelled 20 Czech ambassadors in response to the expulsion of 18 Russian embassy staff in Prague. Moscow also responded with countermeasures to their action.

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The MEPs “condemned a fraudulent campaign against the Czech Republic, claiming it was a US satellite, but not a sovereign country with independent intelligence services.” According to them, the campaigns of the Russian Internet “giants” are behind the campaign.

The resolution further urges EU companies and all member states not to proceed with the completion of the Nortstream 2 gas pipeline connection and to call for the construction of the controversial nuclear power plant at Rosatom. Due to the Vrbětice case, representatives of the Czech government announced that Rosatom would not be allowed in the tender for the construction of new units of the Dugovani power plant. For example, the company is involved in the construction of power plants in Hungary.

MEPs also condemned the attitude of Russian authorities to Navalny, whose health in prison has been deteriorating in recent weeks and the recent deployment of tens of thousands of Russian troops on Ukrainian borders and in occupied Crimea. If Moscow wants to launch an invasion of a neighboring country, the resolution calls for a halt to Russia’s oil and gas embargoes and sanctions on oligarchy affiliated with the Kremlin.

Czech MEPs, some of whom participated in the preparation of this announcement, praised the support of colleagues from other countries. E.P. from the Liberal Group. According to Vice President Tita Saransova, Europe stands for Chekhov, while the conservative MEP Alexander Vondra sees the attack on Chekhov as an “opportunity to purge the EU of Russian spies waging guerrilla warfare.” The ball is now on the side of member states to respond to the challenge and implement it against individual states, “said Geek Bosfeil, a representative of the European People’s Party in the EP.

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At the same time, EU countries find it difficult to accept anti-Russian sanctions because they require the approval of 27 countries. Germany, for example, is refusing to stop installing the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. Hungary, for example, which does not want to be expelled from the Rosatomy game, opposes the expansion of target barriers that could affect people economically affiliated with the Kremlin.

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