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Epidemics are increasing in Europe, Greece and the Netherlands are tightening measures

Epidemics are increasing in Europe, Greece and the Netherlands are tightening measures

In the Netherlands, the obligation to wear a headscarf in public will return. In Greece, other hurdles await the unvaccinated, and they now have to prove themselves with a negative test for covid-19 even when entering banks, shops and restaurants outdoors.

A number of European countries have reported unprecedentedly high levels of infection in recent weeks. In Germany, the incidence of the disease has increased as quickly as possible since the beginning of the epidemic, as well as in Greece and Slovakia, and the number of infections is almost also recorded in Austria and Russia, and the situation is also deteriorating in the Czech Republic.

As a result, the number of places where an infection certificate is required in the Netherlands is increasing as of today – new places will include the terraces of restaurants, museums or gyms. Several countries, including Austria and France, will see another big wave of tighter restrictions early next week.

From Monday in Switzerland, Cyprus and San Marino, it will be difficult for unvaccinated people to return to the Czech Republic from Monday. These countries will be in red on the so-called traveller’s map, indicating a high risk of contracting the coronavirus.

The French parliament on Friday passed a law that will allow the current measures to combat the pandemic to be extended for several months, as the government wishes. By the end of July next year, the obligation to have the so-called Covid passport will be extended, and the state of emergency will be applied for the same period.