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الحلقة 22 من العائدون

Episode 22 of “The Returnees”… Assigning Mido Adel to manage ISIS’ media file | news

Episode 22 of the series “The Returnees” witnessed many events.

The episode dealt with the hostile countries’ alternative plan to transfer ISIS mercenaries to Egypt through the cover of a private security company with the aim of committing crimes.

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The head of the Egyptian intelligence spoke with a number of countries to participate in securing the region and preserving its safety from ISIS, saying: “Egypt is fighting terrorism on behalf of the world… and it is your turn to cooperate to thwart ISIS terrorism.”

A dialogue took place between the head of the intelligence service and the officer, Nabil Mahmoud Abdel-Ghani, about the development of the idea of ​​guard companies and their reliance on the military to rely on terrorists as fighting elements.

The episode witnessed the dismissal of “Kamal” responsible for the plan to transfer ISIS before the foreign intelligence services, after they discovered that the Egyptian intelligence knew their entire plan.

And “Alaa – Mido Adel” was assigned to prepare all the media materials for ISIS after his success in preparing good materials, and he asked “Sayyaf – Ahmed Al-Ahmad” to be included in the group of the media arm of ISIS due to his good experiences in editing, filming and directing.

“Hind”, the ex-wife of ISIS, ended the life of his assistant “Nizar”, after she put poison in the juice and presented it to him after he tried to manipulate and exploit it to remove “Sayyaf” and assume the leadership of the organization.

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The series “The Returnees” sheds light on the danger posed by the returnees from areas and dens designed as safe havens for terrorism, and its events are real from the files of the Egyptian General Intelligence, and took place between 2018 and 2020.

The series “The Returnees” will be shown on the dmc channel at 10:45 pm, replay 3 am, 4:55 pm the next day.

The idea of ​​”returnees” revolves around the recycling of terrorism and its export to Egypt through returnees from ISIS, and how they were prepared and manufactured to spread terrorism, and most importantly, how the Egyptian state faced this challenge with a proactive plan and future vision that made it deal with this scheme early.

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