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Erdogan on Finland and Sweden joining NATO: We cannot agree

Erdogan on Finland and Sweden joining NATO: We cannot agree

And he said Erdogan In front of his party’s deputies in parliament, “We only expect NATO countries to… first understand our sensitivity, respect it and finally support it.”

“We cannot agree,” he added, adding, “Supporting terrorism and asking for support from us is incoherent.”

“None of our allies have ever respected our concern, and I’m not talking about support here,” he added.

On the other hand, President Erdogan reiterated his demands to hand overterroristsSweden is sheltering them, stressing that Stockholm has not responded to these demands.

He stated that “about thirty extradition requests” had not been answered.

The Turkish president again warned that the Swedish and Finnish delegations, which were announced to be sent on Monday to Ankara, were not welcome, calling on them “not to bother.”

Since Friday, the Turkish president has expressed his opposition to the expansion of NATO To include these two countries and reiterate this position despite calming statements issued by his circles.

And on Wednesday, the Turkish presidency reported that its spokesman Ibrahim Kalin held telephone conversations with officials from Germany, Sweden, Finland, Britain and the United States.

During his talks, Kalin indicated that Turkey is waiting for “concrete steps to be taken to address its national security concerns.”

He added that in the event “Turkey’s expectations are not met”, the process of the two Scandinavian countries’ accession to the NATO “You can’t go forward.”

In turn, the US National Security Adviser confirmed Jake Sullivan On Wednesday, his country was “confident” that Turkey’s concerns about Finland and Sweden’s accession to the alliance could be overcome.

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“We are confident that Finland and Sweden” will eventually join NATO… and that Turkey’s concerns will be addressed,” he said, adding, “We feel good about how things are going.”

The Director of Communications in the Turkish presidency, Fahrettin Altun, said in an opinion article published on Wednesday in the Swedish newspaper Expressen, “In Sweden’s membership in NATO It can only be completed after Turkey’s justified fears are dispelled. If you want the second army of NATO to defend you in the event of aggression, you have to accept this reality.”