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“Error” or “insult”?.. Controversy in Spain over the “inverted flag” at breakfast of the King of Morocco

“Error” or “insult”?.. Controversy in Spain over the “inverted flag” at breakfast of the King of Morocco

Morocco has officially announced the start of adopting simultaneous translation into Arabic and Tamazight in the House of Representatives (the lower chamber of Parliament), starting from next Monday’s session.

The adoption of simultaneous translation from Tamazight into Arabic comes after the questions of parliamentarians in Tamazight aroused widespread controversy and debate in various sessions within the House of Representatives, calling for the mandatory provision of “interpretation” to Tamazight during parliament sessions after that language was demarcated in the 2011 constitution.

Parliament Speaker Rachid Talbi Alami explained during the opening of the second legislative session, Friday, that the parliament’s organs continued their work during the period between the two sessions on activating the provisions of the constitution and the requirements of the organizational law related to determining the stages of activating the official character of the Amazigh language.

Alami said, “We will undoubtedly be facing an important national moment that should be appreciated and building on this step to continue activating the relevant requirements of the constitution and the regulatory law, with all that this symbolizes in our national life.”

The Moroccan government pledged to work to activate the official character of Amazigh, after the adoption of the Amazigh New Year as an official holiday was one of the most prominent slogans raised by the parties forming this government coalition.

Amazigh movement activists are waiting for the government to fulfill its promises to pay attention to Tamazight and activate its officialness in public administrations and other official transactions, similar to the Arabic language.

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Recently, the “Taminot Organization”, which is active in the defense of Amazigh, criticized the state’s abuse of the Amazigh language in Morocco, despite the passage of 11 years since its constitution, and said in a statement, “The gap has increased between the official discourse and the activation of the Amazigh regulatory laws.”

In a practical step, the Moroccan Ministry of Justice and the Royal Institute of Amazigh Culture (an official institution) signed, in late January, a partnership agreement aimed at training translators and social assistants in the Amazigh language field to work in the courts.

The Moroccan Minister of Justice, Abdellatif Wehbe, said that the ministry has allocated 100 jobs to hire social assistants in the courts, adding that proficiency in the Amazigh language is one of the conditions for success in the match.