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esk Quarterback in the USA: The competition is massive, but you can win the rest

But how did he appear behind the award in the role of quarterback? How do you watch him playing Doom Harry? Would they mind a foreigner in the role of a captain in such a high position?

I had to persuade them to be diligent and diligent. There was no other option for me as a boy from outside, a talented midfielder.

He will take her from arrest. How did you get to America?Did he get football?
I started playing American football five years ago. Moments after we got to know Odell Beckham Jr. In the race against the Dallas Cowboys, he scored the hit movie The Catch, which soon was on social grounds. When I saw him, I became interested in American football. Of course, I’ve wanted to play the wide receiver since arrest, but after Liberec’s first coach, Honza Pnika put him in the quarterback position to build a new science soccer team and a new junior team around me. At that time, Pavel Merz, a very good friend and teacher, now took over my job. I am especially grateful to him for everything he taught me.

How did you get to North America on Wednesday?
So called pst. I loved America from a young age, and when I was eight, my older brother went there. It inspired me and after a year I decided to go there too. I wanted to test how my soccer experience compared to the US competition and whether I would be able to stand out there. I spent a few hours researching bikes that would accept international students and provide them with housing. I ran about 150 laps. I sent them emails with an article describing my life and my situation. But before that I visited the International Bicycle Exhibition in Prague. There I first met representatives of Archbishop Riordan High School. eili How do I reach zmo. Even the person who represented Coke in Europe traveled to the Czech Republic. MA then i got an email with good topic first. They told me to go on the bike and give a lot of financial help, which allowed me to travel.

How long did it take to not get anci vzBasish?
Ironically, I got it straight away, which turned out not to be quite a regular. They put me in the dark, as they were basically old toys. Plus, I had never felt the style of thorns in America, I also needed a moment to acclimatize.

Try to describe the biggest differences in Americam fotbale v esku a na kole v USA.
The biggest difference is not so much in talent as in mentality. In the Czechs, American football is a very popular sport and we are very happy to play it after work. But in the United States, for many people, this is the only way to get a quality education and, if so, to take care of a family financially. In the Czechs, it is related to precipitation. In America, there are situations that make life in football. Of course, that’s not the case with all American games, but if you play that mindset, it’s the moment you get to know it. So the strength you thrive with in America is unmatched. In the middle round, American football is integrated every day.

Esk Quarterback in America: To Professional and Traveler for Ten Hours

How many md tdn trNink?
All sports have trninky estkrt tdn. But that’s not really the case for American football, so we have a lunch break on the tour to go to analyze the movie. Additionally, we should go to the knee compound at least a week and monitor the analysis from the race for at least two hours a week. We have to deal with coke. It really is the time of Nron Sport.

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How to travel to whom?Belts?
Most bikes are only operated in California. We start with a competition called WCAL, where we travel a maximum of three hours by bus. The league consists of similar tours to the other rounds – for example, at WCAL, all Catholic Tours are from California. We always use bus rental for travel.

We died Hearn Fazor?
Maybe I don’t have game mode, I can find strong pages for everyone. I watch midfielders like Aaron Rodgers, Deshawn Watson, Drew Press, etc. But Odell Beckham Jr. is my favorite. And even though he’s been swapped for New York Giants, he’s still in the dark.

Dlte na kole jet From Athlete? How can I help prepare for American football?
I have a shave of the Czech Republic. I’ve been playing this sport since my arrest, just to prepare me for the American football season. This happened in a number of different ways. It is one of the best sports I have ever done and taught me both mental and physical endurance. So it took me to a new level of physical preparation. Our great friction will never satisfy us, we always want almost everything and the arm discipline and stiffness that I use daily in football.

Quarterback Philip Br

Midfielder Philippe Brzdil (u me) bhem utkn

Quarterback is the main driver of the dark attack, it should be So ldrem. How to look like a foreigner versus the look of Doomk hourI?
It wasn’t easy then. In the first round I jumped early in the season and was the last to join the dark. Also bt ldr was tk too. And the next season it started to happen to me. I started to work on myself a lot, to prepare further in the gym and on the blow, and in the process I got a team on my side. This year, I got to know someone I can count on with my game and share my questions, which has helped me a lot. Suddenly they didn’t care that I was not an American. Skin and diligence were decisive in this regard.

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I suppose there is a lot of competition for the quarterback position.
Competition in any position is formidable. I’ll be the quarterback for this position, as there will only be one. In mm ronk it is specifically k tk. We have a very talented midfielder here, with whom we have friendly competition from the first round.