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esk solrnk sz to Cyprus. In t years we plan to build 80 power plants there | Business

Prague After years of building Zdenek Sobotka’s sunny gardens in Chile, it’s now in Cyprus. It is a country where it pays to do business in producing electricity from the sun. Cyprus has a lot of packages and high purchase prices. We plan to build 70 and 80 small power plants there within years. A few weeks ago, we started building the pilot project Athienou near the city of Larnaca, Zdenovky Sobotka, owner of the Czech company Solek, told

Klim is located on a hot island for the construction of a small power plant with a capacity of about 2 MW, with a total of about 150 MW. To get a better idea: The semi-giant EZ now occupies sunny parks with a total production of 125 megawatts.

Sobotka has been in solar energy since 2009. At that time, he decided to invest in the business of selling the company and several properties. Cyprus requires the country in which his company operates to adapt the panels. At the time of the so-called solar boom, when the state offered three days to purchase prices for this electricity, it bought an unfinished project in Unhuti near Kladno. At that time, Solek had five employees. Mole tried the test in Slovakia, where support soon fell, as in the Czech Republic.

It was something new to everyone in Europe at the time, head on, and that’s how it turned out. Unfortunately, there were a lot of people who just wanted to get rich for one night and were not interested in long-term business. So, Sobotka began to take our steps abroad, Sobotka describes.

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Romania Chile Cyprus

Then he built more than a dozen projects in Romania, which he later sold. He gave the task a long way: in 2014 he went to Chile, where they had no subsidies, but due to good exposure and high demand, the South American country is very much in favor of full-fledged business. Solek has built 15 power plants there over seven years and is about to start, in total he wants to have 500MW panels, which is a big deal.

The pension from the French bank Natixis, the last time Solrnci spent nearly a billion crowns on Chilean projects. Similarly, the company is fully funded in Cyprus, which is based on energy production from gas and heavy fuel oil. He wants to spend about 3.8 billion crowns on the island located in the Mediterranean over the years. The project should pay off: solar energy is very profitable in similar countries. In addition, Sobotka fills about half of the power plants for sale and the other by operation.

In Cyprus and Chile, the climatic conditions are suitable for the construction of photovoltaic power plants, and the number of hours of sunshine is much higher than in our country, energy expert J. Gavor comments in a selection of sites and also emphasized that entrepreneurship is not only in the rays. For investors, it is important to write clear laws and terms.

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The construction of photovoltaic cells is also suitable in Germany and hopefully in the coming years also in the Czech Republic. Since the wild years 2009 and 2010, we may have used it. Jafur added that the economy of photovoltaic construction has greatly improved and there are also projects in the world that do not require small subsidies, referring to a time when a number of so-called solar barons used very specific subsidies. tdrost sttu caused shingles to be flooded in fields and meadows and a number of projects at that time ended up in court.

Zdenek Sobotka.

It is clear that in countries with dark sunny women, the entrepreneur has an effort. In addition, building and operating a solar power plant is much faster than modifying a coal source and building a nuclear reactor. Solek has grown a lot thanks to its operations in Chile. Out of five employees, more than two hundred directors are in the Czech Republic, mainly responsible for architecture, design and information technology.

With more power plants in Cyprus, their number will increase. Rst must be well known in our markets. Sobotka described that while last year we reached nearly 700 million, this year our income should be between two and three billion kroner.

Vodk msto . battery

His people currently have perhaps the biggest problem with solar energy: electricity storage. That is why they met in Cyprus with the Finnish company Flexens.

Gave the whole companies to be from South America and Europe. After Cyprus, we are preparing a pilot project in Colombia, where there are good conditions for solar power plants. So we think of Greece. Sobotka described that in Hungary, we will now deal with one small project. He added that in the future he also thinks of creating wind farms, which are offered, for example, in Chile, where it is very hot and windy from the mountains.

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