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esk tv zav most i divk od nagana

The Czech TV leader has been the most popular girl in the past 10 years at prime times, and T24 news is one of the most likely events in history, according to the TV.

Czech TV in the first quarter with a total share of 33.69% was a dominant player in the Czech television market. Both in terms of viewership throughout the day and in major broadcast time, it has achieved the best result in the last 20 years (according to 32.81%).

Czech television can be developed with high-quality materials and processed at a high level, which is confirmed by not only the receipt of numerous awards, including Czech lions, but such a great demand for purchases of original playwrights, the girl’s satisfaction with broadcasting and interest in TV. Novoron The Last Aristocrat, a Kukaky soap opera with a dramatic stance on the exchange of children, was a fresh look at writer Boena Nmcová in Boena’s ministry or a retrograde crime scene from the founding of the Zloiny Velk Prahy Republic, which has become our most watched series in the past fifteen years. In addition to the original work on T1, the public also looked for news content this spring, said Peter Dvuk, CEO of Czech Television.

In the first quarter, T1 was primarily attended by an average of 23% of the viewership who stayed on TV.

The first three months of the year also did not deviate from the trend of major news around the news, Udlosti’s main news program was watched on T1, T24 and T3 with an average of 1.3 million people per day. News T24 maintains a high level of interest throughout the day, with an average audience ratio of 5.47%, and the first quarter is perhaps the most successful in history.

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Surely the most popular TV station among baby girls is Dko. For kids ages 4-12, the viewership is over 27%.

The possibility of holding professional competitions also increased the viewership on T sport, compared to the first quarter of last year, as it increased by more than one percentage point to reach 3.87%. From May to August, in addition, T sport will offer three major sporting events, the World Hockey Championship, European Football and the Tokyo Olympics.

At the end of the year, T3 celebrated the year which regularly hits 2% according to girls over the age of five. His most watched show after that is at 8%.

Thanks to the web and other digital activities, Czech television can also increase its popularity, especially among the younger age groups. Thanks to the online activities of girls 15-24 years old, the weekly coverage of Czech TV broadcasts increased by more than 23%, and in groups of 25 and 34 years old by 13%. In the first quarter, it managed to reach an average of 77.6% of TV viewership each week, and online services increased that range by an average of 3.2 percentage points.