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esko supports the granting of candidate status to Ukraine and Moldova

esko supports the granting of candidate status to Ukraine and Moldova

The European Commission has issued its opinion on the accession of Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia to the membership of the European Union. With regard to the wake-up call for Ukraine, the Commission significantly accelerated its operations, including the assessment of the questionnaire. The opinion, released in historic record time, will be the basis for European leaders’ decision on the European perspective of Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia at next week’s EU summit.

Minister Libavsk explained the speed of the commission’s work: “There is no doubt that Ukraine belongs to our value area as a member of the Union. Ukraine’s support for Ukraine is a foreign policy priority and a personal priority for me. We expect the European Council to unequivocally confirm the status of its candidate for Ukraine in the first week.”

The European Commission recommends granting candidate country status to Ukraine, provided that seven concrete steps are taken in the areas of judicial, first-state and anti-corruption, which I will inform Ukraine of their implementation before the end of 2022.

The European Commission also recommends that Moldova be granted candidate status, provided that the state takes nine steps in the areas of judicial reform, the fight against corruption, the fight against organized crime, the protection of human rights and others. In the case of Georgia, the European Commission granted the status of recommended candidate, but after the state takes twelve steps in the areas of day-to-day administration, political polarization, independence of the judiciary, civil society, anti-corruption and other areas. Like Ukraine, they will have to keep the country abreast of progress by the end of 2022.

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With a highly symbolic but also practical content, the resolution will be a visible compilation of other EU decisions on political, humanitarian, military and humanitarian support for a combative Ukraine. The Czech Republic supports the granting of candidate status to Moldova and Georgia. The Czech Republic will share its experience with these partners and share future challenges.