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Filminy o lize i tréninku

ESuba Movies: Our preparations are currently one-on-one, and we’ll be going to training camp before the qualifiers

Filip “Filminy” Komín is one of the best Czech support players. He is currently in fifth place in eSuba, which is still in the middle of the table with a score of 2-2, but in the sixth round, last year’s champion is expected to achieve two final wins.

How was the transition from Breakers to eSuba like for you?
“Like anything extraordinary, I am still a good friend of the players from Rozbíječe, I just joined a team that, in my opinion, has a bigger future. Otherwise, there are no heights between us.” (Laughs)

How do you prepare for singles matches?
“So far, we are all preparing for Sazka eLEAGUE individually only in the rankings, and we have not trained in groups yet, because there is not much time for that. Before the qualifiers, we will go to the training camp, where we have to write the script and play the party, so we will see what If that would happen. “

Which heroes do you think are the strongest right now?
“In my experience, everything could be strong at some point, but overall I would say the strongest heroes are AA and Grimstroke from the support site, I will not tell anyone to people, because it looks very balanced and depends on the game the hero is in. But the hacker is for sure – the foster mother, because the hero is absolutely brainless and completely changing the gameplay. And I’ve loved “Faceless Void” a lot recently after he honed his second spell. “

You’ve been streaming a lot lately. Are you planning to dedicate it full time in the future?
“I consider broadcasting an opportunity for entertainment and socialization, because there was not much that could be done during the crown period. Of course, it would be great to broadcast full time and make a living from it, but I am a realistic person and I do not see much of this path, although I enjoy broadcasting, I still Just a little streamer. “

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Did a team surprise you in the league?
“Everyone noticed that the youngster has improved a little bit since the last time. (Laughs) I always thought they could be a good team, but it took time. Maybe now they’ll get into a good position, not like the last divisions, when they were always in the bad half. They definitely have more. “

Are you planning to participate in tournaments on the European stage? Do you have an international team?
“I plan to participate in several European Championship qualifiers and maybe something will come out. Usually a week before the tournament I find a team and we play together for a while, and when we lose, we break up classically, so it’s not perfect. I’m currently looking for a better team that can thrive on the scene.” European strong. “

How many hours a week do you train and how do you relax after a workout?
“It’s hard to say how many hours I train in a week, because I waste a lot of time on Dota, so I’m either thinking or watching a professional game and doing something different. But I’d say I’m going to log 20-30 hours of net time there in a week. Normally I’m going to be recording 20-30 hours of pure time there. When I get mad at Dota, I watch a series, there are a million of them these days, so there is a lot to choose from. (Laughs) Or I’m just relaxing to listen to songs or go out with a group. “

What would you recommend for starting Doty players?
“I don’t know if you’re a good candidate for this question. In general, I would say you have to try a lot to understand the basic mechanics of the game and especially follow the players better than you to learn something from them. Patience is probably one of the most important qualities of Dota, so if someone doesn’t have it, He has to play another game, because Dota is not for him. ”(Laughs)

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What are your goals for this year?
“My goals with Dota for this year so far are only to reach 9,000 and remain among the world leaders. We will see more in time, maybe I will be in a professional team.”

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