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et MEPs will try to put an end to the degree of mandatory feeding

et MEPs will try to put an end to the degree of mandatory feeding

‘against’ is currently seen to mean eating, and so do MEPs as well as many lawmakers. On Tuesday, it was agreed at a round table where representatives of all political parties were invited, and the press conference was heard one after another. On the contrary, in the long run, representatives of the Czech trade associations from the Federation of Trade and Tourism R, but also a transnational food company, are for the order.

Representatives of all Czech political parties participating in the European Parliament, with the exception of Bert and the Social Democratic Party, arrived at the meeting where MEPs supported unity in these visions.

Nutri-Score marks the front of the food packaging with the letters A and E and colors from green to yellow to red. France introduced this sign as a traffic light a few years ago. It has been used in Belgium and Spain, and Germany has also been recommending it to manufacturers since November.

The system’s algorithm assigns two points to the content of hazardous substances such as sugars, saturated fatty acids or salt, but they are corresponding points to other substances such as protein, percentage of fruit or fiber.

I’d rather get a tussock, not a Nutri-Score

Organized producers within the dining room R argue that the system does not reflect the degree of product processing. For example, plant-based meat products might be rated better first, because they contain stabilizers, according to chamber president Dana Fife, but they also contain plant-based allergens, such as soy sauce.

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The system should not be mandatory even according to the Czech Ministry of Agriculture. The consumer understands how to set up the system now. “Each of them is able to reveal data that affects it in terms of essential nutrients,” said Deputy Minister of Food Division Jindich Fialka.

Instead of the mandatory Nutri-Score, which, according to him, demonizes foods, the Chamber will rate them in a nonsensical system, a PLA system similar to the system in the Nordic countries. According to Pivoka, the Keyhole logo is used on foods that meet biological standards, and the food is processed in the same way, but in its case, it has a negative impact on intrinsic values.

In addition to the Nutri-Score, the European Commission should introduce a new proposal regarding the labeling of plant-based alternatives to meat, as well as amending the minimum shelf life date, since people often throw away uncontaminated food.