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Ethiopia takes a decision on its citizens after their detention in Saudi Arabia

Ethiopia takes a decision on its citizens after their detention in Saudi Arabia

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The Ethiopian government has announced that it will return all its citizens who were stranded in detention centers in Saudi Arabia. This was during a press conference held by Ethiopian Foreign Ministry spokesman, Dina Mufti, today, Thursday, in the capital, Addis Ababa.

Mufti said that an Ethiopian delegation from various institutions is currently in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and is discussing with Saudi officials facilitating the return of citizens stranded in Saudi Arabia, stressing the government’s commitment to return all its citizens within two weeks at most.

On the other hand, the Ethiopian Foreign Ministry spokesman claimed in his statement that “the Ethiopian army targeted military elements of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front and groups that use civilians as human shields, and the media whirlwind about military strikes aims to divert attention from the success of the elections.” according to his description. The Foreign Ministry spokesman said that the information circulating that the Tigray Liberation Front seized some places in Tigray is unfounded.

A medical official told Reuters on Wednesday that an air strike killed at least 43 in the town of Togoga in Ethiopia’s Tigray region on Tuesday, after residents said new fighting had erupted in the past few days north of Maqli, the provincial capital. The location of the emergency services that at least 43 were killed in the raid.

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