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"Etihad Airways" United Kingdom - Economy - upgrades domestic passenger flights

“Etihad Airways” United Kingdom – Economy – upgrades domestic passenger flights

Following the announcement that the United Arab Emirates will be added to the Orange List of the United Arab Emirates, “Etihad Airways” will resume flights to London and Manchester without the need for isolation until August 8th.

According to the Orange List, unvaccinated guests are allowed to travel from the United Arab Emirates, if they get a negative result on a nasal swab test, they will be isolated at home 72 hours before the date of travel, and 10 days, on the second and eighth day of their arrival, two more for COVID-19. To make choices. For vaccinated guests, they will be exempt from isolation and testing on the eighth day if they have been vaccinated in the UK, US or Europe.

Three daily flights to London Heathrow are planned to offer guests the most convenient options for departure and arrival, and 28 weekly flights between Abu Dhabi and the United Kingdom will be offered by the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

Guests wishing to book their flights are advised to visit the Etihad Airways website to see the options available to them and to fully understand the terms and conditions required to reach their final destinations. Flights are available to book an Etihad Airways call center, either through a local travel agency or via the Internet through a mobile application. The Union maintains its commitment to government directives in the United Arab Emirates, governments and external health and regulatory bodies, and plays a key role in controlling the spread of the “Govit-19” virus. The company implements a comprehensive hygiene, safety and contraception program and adheres to the highest standards of hygiene at every stage of the guest’s journey. This includes a wide range of activities including food, in-depth sterilization of cabins, check-in areas, health checks and boarding, communication with flight attendants, food services, landing and transportation.

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