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EU Energy Separation Russia Isn’t A Big Mess, Economists Consumed It

Analyst Luke Kovanda said that economists said last year Russia reported a historic record volume of imports, secretly amounting to $490 billion. But only half of that connection is oil, gas and pslunch product.

A potential embargo on Russian oil by the European Union would be in line with a US embargo on about 50 percent of Russia’s total oil exports.

The EU’s supply of Russian gas would then account for 70 percent of Russia’s gas exports. Economists are working with a realistic option that the EU will reduce its imports by a tenth in the case of gas, rather than stopping supplies entirely.

Under these assumptions, the total volume of Russian imports will decrease by only a quarter. Given that at the same time, due to reduced sanctions, the decrease in Russian imports almost halved, due to the assumptions of a ban on foreign trade of about $200 billion. This piblin’s answer to its losing streak.

Russia says that because of the wolf in Ukraine this year there was another rise in oil prices, while gas prices are still relatively high.

Even with the complete separation of the European Union from Russian gas, not only two-thirds of this gas, Russia will report a surplus in foreign trade this year. This wouldn’t be the amount recorded historically, but it would be a remarkable abundance.

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