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EU News: Brexit supporters tear up Verhofstad World

EU News: Brexit supporters tear up Verhofstad World

Tokyo 2020: Tom Daly and Mattie Lee win gold

MEP, Brexit’s former representative to the European Parliament, has been critical of the decision to leave the UK and has returned to the subject several times since the 2016 referendum, although he made no specific reference to Brexit in his tweet. However, according to Lever, he was well aware of the implications of releasing the latest zip file online.

He wrote: “Funny fact: EU won more gold medals at #Tokyo Olympics than US or China

“I like to see the EU flag with nationalism in the clothes of athletes.

“Our identity is layered – we are proud of the Italians, Latvians, Germans, Slovenes and Europeans. Our game should reflect that!

Conservative MP David Jones, vice president of the European Research Council (ERG), said: “Guy Verhofstadt, to be fair, never hid the fact that he wanted to turn the EU into a superpower.

His tweet confirms this. He also thinks that the UK is absolutely right that activists like Mr Verhofstad left such an influential organization.

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Guy Verhofstadt strangely said that the EU “won” at the Olympics (Image: Getty)

Benhabib, a former member of the Brexit party (Image: Getty)

If the hand is not Verhofstad, the Brexiters should find it

Ben Habib

Clearly, the Europe he belongs to is not the place most Britons feel at home.

Mr Jones added: “This is fantastic. By the way, how many other medals would they have won if England were still a member?

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Former Brexit MP Ben Habib was even harder.

He told “If the hand is not Verhofstad, Brexit should find it.

“He is better than anyone at exposing the dominant, anti-democratic and arrogant EU institution that is expanding power.”

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Guy Verhofstadt's tweet

Guy Verhofstadt’s tweet (Image: Twitter)

In doing so, Habib said Verhofstad supported the UK and withdrew from the EU.

He explained: “The British people do not know what they voted for. He will not forget his outrageous claims in Parliament. Brexiteers are fools. The United Kingdom will suffer.

His last nonsense is that the EU will top the Olympic medal table. Therefore, the state must have a population of more than 500 million and the number of competitors for each category must be greater than allowed.

“No, Mr. Verhofstadt, the European Union is not a country – anyway. If it had been, the Olympics would have been much smaller and poorer.

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Tom Daly Mattie Lee

The men of Tom Daly and Matt Lee won gold in the 10m synchronized platform dive (Image: Getty)

Gold medal winning matte walls

Gold medal winning matte walls (Image: Getty)

Habib added: “Rationalism cannot be allowed to interfere in his imperialist supremacy.

He even loves the EU flag in the style of the rivals of member countries, to the point of not politicizing the game!

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“Martin Daphne, one of my colleagues in the European Parliament, called me Dart Vader from the EU. It made me laugh at the time that, of course, Dart Vader was a handsome and completely trustworthy guy.

Meanwhile, Britain Out director Jane Audrey Verhofstad suggested she make fun of herself.

Comparison of UK medals

Comparison of UK medals (Photo: Express)

She said

“These Olympic athletes do not represent their country – the European Union – and the European Union is not a country, as some in the European Union would like.”

He pointed out that everyone in Europe could be said to be European, and it was in his interest that Mr. Verhofstad did not notice the fact that this crowd and continent were one and the same.

He added: “If the EU competes as a separate entity, it will have fewer medals because fewer athletes will compete, so this may be a good campaign. Abroad, there is no logic of Verhofstadt.

David Jones

David Jones, President of the European Research Council (Photo: Parliamentary Television)

The people of the EU have failed to learn from the past.

“Whatever ordinary people really think, we can be sure that Verhofstadt’s statements will not be the last to leave the EU, as the authorities and the federal government will do nothing to make their dream come true.”

England currently has 16 Olympic gold medals, is sixth in the medal table and has beaten any EU member 27. In total, there are 68 gold medals in EU countries. contacted Mr. Verhofstadt for comment.

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