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EU rules |


03/23/2020 European governments will be able to support their economies threatened by the impact of the coronavirus with extraordinary fiscal stimulus that goes beyond the normal rules. EU finance ministers approved this day, and supported the European Commission’s proposal to ease financial regulations.

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05/12/2018 Yesterday, EU finance ministers agreed to reform banking rules, leaving only some technical details to be adjusted by the end of the year. The changes relate to banks’ capital requirements, recovery procedures, and resolution of banking crises. The amendments proposed by the European Commission (EC) in November 2016 aim to bridge the gaps revealed by the global financial crisis and take another step towards a European banking union.


01/15/2020 This year, due to a large public finance deficit, Portugal is at risk of violating EU budget rules. This was announced by the European Commission today, according to which the government in Lisbon has not done enough to reduce the structural budget deficit in the new draft budget for this year.


02/06/2021 “Many countries in the European Union are borrowing money at negative interest rates. So their incentive to repay the debt is very weak. They don’t even have to look at the rules of the Stability and Growth Pact, which have been put on hold for another year as part of the pandemic solution,” says the chief economist at the company. BHS, Autoban Kojic.


February 24, 2020 Statistics on both sides of the Atlantic will continue to paint a bleak picture of the real economy. The main topic for the markets remains the coronavirus and its impact on the Chinese economy. In the political sphere, we will follow the first meeting of EU foreign ministers on setting the rules for foreign trade with Great Britain after Brexit. In America, the battle for the Democratic nomination for the next presidential election will continue. According to our estimates, domestic industrial prices witnessed a further slowdown due to lower oil prices in global markets.

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11/16/2011 Is it possible to take an omelette and return its ingredients to their original state? About like this…


02/07/2019 The European Commission will discuss the state of Italy’s public finances in Brussels on Wednesday before initiating disciplinary action against Italy for violations of EU financial rules. According to an EU source from Reuters, the Commission wants Rome to explain its budget plan for next year.


01/24/2019 The European Commission announced today that it will sue Britain in an EU court for exempting some commodity markets from taxes. Reuters wrote that Brussels considers these exceptions to be a violation of EU rules.


01/25/2021 “It is possible that monetary transactions will be gradually reduced. However, this should not lead to their complete abolition. Cash plays an important role in the economy and acts as a defense against extremely negative interest rates on bank accounts,” says BHS Chief Economist Otban Kocic.


12/13/2021 The year 2021 is coming to an end, so it’s time to take a look at the most important events in the global economy that affected the development of global financial markets this year.