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Bublinový graf znázorňující pomoc EU sousedním zemím v reakci na COVID-19

EU-Ukraine Summit, Kiev, Ukraine, October 12, 2021

Main items on the agenda

The 23rd EU-Ukraine Summit will take place on October 12, 2021 in Kiev.

I He will be represented by Charles Michel, President of the European Council, and Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission.

Ukraine He will be represented by President Volodymyr Zelensky.

The summit will reaffirm the continued commitment to strengthening Ukraine’s political association and economic integration with the European Union, and the European Union will reaffirm its unwavering support for Ukraine’s independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity.

The talks will focus in particular on:

  • The results achieved in the implementation of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement and the relevant Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Areas (AA/DCFTA), as well as the way forward,
  • Further enhancing economic integration (in the context of AA/DCFTA) in various areas, including climate, energy, telecommunications, connectivity, aviation, education and research,
  • diplomatic efforts to restore the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine,
  • Further strengthening cooperation in combating mixed threats and disinformation,
  • Collaboration in addressing the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic,
  • Eastern Partnership Summit to be held in Brussels on 15 December.


EU relations with Ukraine

Relations between the European Union and Ukraine are based on partnership agreementWhich entered into force in 2017. The economic dimension of the Association Agreement is the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area.

On August 23, President Charles Michel attended the first session International Crimean Platform Summit. The International Platform of Crimea is an initiative of President Zelensky, which aims to reverse Russia’s illegal annexation of Crimea through diplomatic channels.

Help with COVID-19

They have received COVID-19 to help address the social and economic impact of the pandemic Neighboring partners of the European Union Specific Macro – Financial Aid 3 billion euros. The single largest beneficiary is Ukraine, where 1.2 billion euros have been allocated. In addition, the European Union provided Ukraine with a support package of 190 million euros.

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Ukraine is also one of the non-EU countries and territories associated with the system EU COVID Digital Certificate. This means that the Ukrainian COVID certificate is accepted in the EU under the same conditions as the EU digital COVID certificate. Similarly, Ukraine accepts the EU digital COVID certificate.

Visa Editing

Since 2017, Ukrainian citizens do not need a visa for short-term stays in the Schengen area.

EU sanctions against Russia

Since March 2014, the European Union has gradually begun to take restrictive measures against Russia. These actions were taken in response to The illegal annexation of Crimea and deliberate destabilization of Ukraine.

In the findings of the European Council in June, EU leaders reiterated that the main condition for any substantive change in EU-Russia relations remains. Full implementation of the Minsk agreements.

previous summit

The previous EU-Ukraine summit was held in Brussels on October 6, 2020.

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