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"Euro 2020" penetrates space with pioneer Pesquet

“Euro 2020” penetrates space with pioneer Pesquet

Murad Al Masri (Dubai)

French astronaut Thomas Pesquet topped the scene on Twitter, after he posted his picture watching the France-Portugal match, while he was on an international space station in outer space outside Earth at the present time, but that did not prevent him from missing the fun of the European Football Cup “Euro 2020”. “.

An American report revealed that astronauts can watch live matches, entertainment shows, series and movies, through the Internet coverage that the International Space Station gets, although the amount of Internet is relatively limited.

Pesquet is known for taking famous pictures from space of Arab countries and cities, the latest of which is Dubai, in which he is spinning on the Palm Island, and he expressed his aspiration for the launch of the International Expo, less than 100 days from now.

Bisquet had previously taken a picture from space of the Nile River and the Delta of Egypt, expressing his great admiration for their distinguished location, stressing that they are among the distinguished places in the world that can be recognized immediately and from the first sight of seeing them.

Pesquet also chose to greet his mother on her birthday with a picture he took of the city of Fayoum, where it appeared green in the sand in the form of a love heart. Pesquet also published a picture of the Saudi capital, Riyadh, also during the night, expressing his admiration for the beauty of the city amid an interaction of followers.

It is noteworthy that Pesquet became the first French pilot of the International Space Station, and he is on a 6-month mission, during which the space team will conduct 232 scientific experiments, including the study of brains and stem cells.

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