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Euro 2021 |  How to behave on the field, exceptions for testing and travel

Euro 2021 | How to behave on the field, exceptions for testing and travel

Although the tournament has been postponed for a year, the European Football Championship, which will be played in the summer of 2021, will actually bear its official name with the original date – last year 2020. Until the Tokyo Games which will become the biggest event in the Euro 2020 gaming world. Spring last year.

How many fans can welcome individual European stadiums, what would it be like to be tested and how to behave safely in stadiums? The Scottish capital, Glasgow, is currently hosting the opening match of Group “D” between home Scotland and the Czech national team, with some basic instructions given a little late. Entry rules For those coming to Hampton Park.

The Glasgow Games will be held at the Hampton Park National Stadium in front of 12,000 spectators, which is 25% of the stadium’s total capacity. There is also the variation that the national team will return to the Scottish capital for the eighth final if Chechia advances to other battles from third place.

As for the English capital, at the famous London Wembley, the number of final fans for each match is still uncertain. For all the matches of the base teams held at the renovated English National Tent, the authorities have determined the capacity of 22,500 fans, promising to fill the Scottish equivalent ground with a quarter of its total capacity.

The June Glasgow-London transfer with an interim stop in Prague was not the last shot for the Czech selection. If the Czech national team advances to the point of eliminating the European Championship, it is quite possible that preparation for the 16th round will not be possible without further travel. If the Czech people in 2nd or 3rd place do not win their group and place, they can start packing suitcases for four different host cities.

Copenhagen, Glasgow, Budapest and Seville. While the list of places like this for everyone in the Govt era may seem like a dream trip around the continent, if you want to play the role of a worthy participant in a great football match, the increasing number of kilometers will affect your shape and your current mood. Not to be bored, the Czech national team also expects another significant change, rather than a well-deserved renovation at the hotel, if further progress is made.

Will there be travel exceptions for fans?

In some countries, yes, but the United Kingdom, where the Czech national team plays in all 3 matches of the base team, does not plan exemptions for fans traveling to the country, even with a valid ticket or negative Govt test results. This means that Czech visitors to Glasgow or London must comply with all applicable restrictions during their travels, viz. They must be isolated for 10 days once they become “orange” citizens. In the case of the UK, it can be reduced to 6 days if an additional test is paid. Fans can find specific updated travel restrictions from Scotland and the UK on the National Football Team’s fan club website:

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How to behave on the field? It is better to brake by hugging

If you are a valid person of Euro ticket, you should be prepared for countless messages. Currently, you have to come to the ground in the approximately allotted time slot, which may be due to the classic half an hour before the excavation.

In general, the highest quality epidemic process applies to this year’s European Championships everywhere. The visitor arrives at the venue in the allotted time slot with his / her own ID, a valid negative Govt test and a veil or respirator registered on the phone application.

As far as hygiene measures are concerned, it is necessary to focus on the closed airspace directly on or near the ground, monitoring the community distance of at least 1.5 meters and using only the space allotted separately for tickets.

Also, fans are advised to disinfect their hands with antibacterial gels everywhere, to minimize any forced body movements around the stage, and to avoid shaking, hugging or any voluntary intimate physical contact with strangers, even during the half-time break. So try not to confuse any expressions of happiness.