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Europe announces a force of 5,000 soldiers

Europe announces a force of 5,000 soldiers

Although the European Union’s foreign and defense policy chief, Joseph BorrellHe stressed that this force is not a European army, but his words carried with it what indicates that.

Bruel said that NATO does not provide a solution to the security problems facing the European Union.

He said at a press conference that followed a meeting of European foreign ministers in Brussels To endorse the security strategy: “We are not talking about creating a European army, each country in the European Union will have its own army, but what we must do is work with each other, including the ability to rapidly and jointly deploy.”

He expressed his happiness with the adoption of the strategy, which enables the Union to mobilize 5,000 soldiers to act in crises, as this “strengthens our ability to command and control and conduct joint exercises, as in the past, European armies did not engage in joint exercises.”

He added, “I think the adoption of this document sends a strong signal of unity and determination, and it comes at a very important time, because we need to increase our military and defense capabilities.”

He stressed that the defense strategy is not a solution to the Ukrainian crisis, but it comes at a very important time, as it shows the strategic compass that works to strengthen defense in the European Union.

“Everyone is now convinced that Europe is in danger because of the Russian attack, which has changed the geopolitical landscape,” he added.

Talking about the European army is not new. It has been at the fore in internal European discussions for years, and voices have been calling for its establishment away from NATO.

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