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Europe fears the winter "disaster"... Are there alternatives to Russian gas?

Europe fears the winter “disaster”… Are there alternatives to Russian gas?

“It is absolutely not enough to rely on gas supply From non-Russian sources. These supplies are simply not available in the quantities needed to replace the missing Russian supplies.”

He added: “This will be the situation even if gas supplies from Norway and Azerbaijan flow at maximum capacity, and if supplies from North Africa remain close to last year’s level, and if domestic gas production remains at its last trend, and if supplies increase liquefied natural gas received at a record rate similar to what was recorded in the first half of the year.

For his part, German politician Hussein Khader described the crisis that Europe is going through due to the lack of gas supplies as “historic and dangerous.”

In a statement to “Sky News Arabia”, Khader said: “Countries must European Union Working seriously and quickly during the current period to provide the necessary needs for gas before winter.”

According to analysis International Energy Agencyyou need countries European Union To fill its stocks by 90 percent during the next few months in order to be able to get through the winter without facing shortages.

On the other hand, the company announced Uniper German Energy, the largest importer of Russian gas, said that the Russian state energy company Gazprom justified the shortfall in supplying the quantities of gas agreed upon with its German client under circumstances beyond its control.

According to the economic news agency “AFX”, which is owned by the German news agency, a spokesman for the German company said that Uniper had received a letter in this regard from the company, “Uniper.”Gazprom Export“.

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Russia exports 65% of Natural gas Germany imports until earlier this year, but that fell to less than 40 percent.

Last year, about 53 percent of coal was imported from Russia, but this is set to be reduced to zero with the entry into force of the European Union’s ban on coal imports from Russia in August.