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European Ford has introduced new residential homes for adventurers

European Ford has introduced new residential homes for adventurers

The Transit Custom Nugget range has been expanded with more adventurous versions of the Active and Trail with specific equipment, looks and off-road skills.

The Transit Custom Nugget range has been expanded with more adventurous versions of the Active and Trail with specific equipment, looks and off-road skills.

The demand for mobile homes has increased in recent months, something that has been identified by Ford dealerships in Europe. It recently launched its Transit Custom Nugget condominium model in the Adventure Editions of Active and Trail, intended to appeal to travelers looking for new experiences even on paved roads.

Both models offer a fearless look, inspired by the current trend of plastic-covered SUVs, have a tilting roof tent as standard and, thanks to their driving technology, should be able to handle even the worst of roads. In addition, both models can also be ordered in the extended version of the Nugget Plus, which promises more space and comfort.

active mass

As mentioned earlier, the design of both models is inspired by the appearance of an SUV. So, the Nugget Active model received a plastic front bumper, sills and a rear bumper lined with dark plastic. In addition, the rearview mirrors are also black. Even when driving on flooded roads, the paint should not be damaged. The Active Edition also has a specific radiator grille, has 17-inch aluminum wheels on the bottom, and a 2.6-meter awning on the side is also standard, providing protection for the crew even when staying outside the vehicle.

The specially designed apartment building, inspired by the deck of the yacht, is equipped with a parquet floor, which must withstand higher pressures and at the same time must be easy to maintain. Moreover, the value includes a fitted work surface, chrome decorations, partially upholstered seats, LED lighting of adjustable intensity, etc.

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Nugget Trail

The Nugget Trail model also has plastic-coated bumpers and sills, but its detailing is a black visor with distinctive Ford engraving, inspired by the iconic Raptor. In the undercarriage are 16-inch alloy wheels painted black, which should complement the adventurous character of the car. Inside, durable leather upholstery for the front and rear seats is standard. The floor is again wooden decor, the dining table is painted in a dark color and the kitchen equipment is lighted.


specific equipment

In addition, the automaker is proud to draw attention to the specific equipment of the new Nugget Active and Trail models, which will make control much easier. For example, cars can optionally be equipped with a heated rear seat, while the heating function remains active even when spread on the bed. According to Ford, this is the first similar system in this class of cars.

Both new models are also equipped with a color screen in the living area, which facilitates an overview of the battery charge, water supply, lighting, etc. The panel also controls a standard boiler that supplies hot water to the shower and kitchen.

The sloping roof will please with numerous windows and air vents to provide a sufficient amount of light and fresh air. Side panels are gray as standard, but can also be tinted as an option.

Diesel Samosphore

Both Nugget Active and Trail residential models are equipped with a 2.0-liter EcoBlue diesel engine in various specifications as standard. The Nugget Trail is always equipped with a six-speed manual transmission with a limited-slip differential, which promises better traction on wet grass, sand, gravel or snow. The Nugget Active offers customers a choice between a six-speed manual and a six-speed automatic, with a mechanical self-locking differential (mLSD) at an additional cost.

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In addition, all Nugget models include a range of safety and assistance systems, including adaptive cruise control, a rear-view camera, Cross Traffic Allert, etc.

The Nugget Active and Trail models were officially revealed during the Caravan Salon 2021 trade fair in Düsseldorf, which runs until September 5. Receipt of applications should begin later this year. However, it is a matter of when customers will see their cars. Due to huge demand, Ford, in cooperation with Westfalia, was forced to triple production of Nugget models by 2022.